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Militia boss: Be ready to kill 


The leader of a Christian militia planned an elaborate, two-part training session for this month and told members 
it was OK to kill "anyone who might stumble upon the operation," federal prosecutors wrote in a court filing Friday.

Details about the Hutaree's planned training session to be held during the second and fourth Saturdays in April 
were revealed in a 17-page document prosecutors filed in response to a defense motion to free Hutaree leader 
David Stone while he awaits trial.

It, along with several other government filings over the past week, help paint a fuller picture of the southern 
Michigan-based group's make-up and activities.

Stone and eight other suspected Hutaree members were arrested after a series of raids across the Midwest late 
last month and charged with seditious conspiracy, or plotting to levy war against the U.S. The self-proclaimed 
"Christian warriors" trained in paramilitary techniques in preparation for a battle against the Antichrist.

In my mind I see them with a rifle starpped to their back, playing on the monkey bars like al Qaeda.

Friday's filing included a transcript of remarks Stone allegedly made during a January briefing on the planned operation.

According to the filing, Stone told other Hutaree members that "we are going locked and loaded."

"If you're made, somebody comes tripping along, they just happen to see you, we're gonna handle it a
s a hostile situation," Stone said. "That means you put them on the ground."

I feel better with these handjobs behind bars.

Wouldn't they save a lot of time, work and money to just accept the fact that Obama is Black?

They've declared war on America because the voters trusted Obama more than senile John McCain.
Why is that a reason to kill somebody?

Notice they didn't get upset with the Supreme Court took their vote away in 2000.
No, they didn't get upset until the votes were counted like they were supposed to be.

If they have a problem with democracy, what system would they prefer?

Too bad none of them can speak coherently so they could tell us.


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