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Team Hillary: 'Don't blame us'
 by Obama's biggest fan


While the delegate leader (and the popular-vote leader, and the contests-won leader) 
(Thank God, he stopped) has been thrashing about in the waves of controversy,
Clinton and her team demonstrate once again that they're always happy to toss him an anchor.

That's super-stupid writing.
I'd never write anything that stupid and I have an IQ of 64 and I'm a comedian.

This time the tosser-in-chief was Sen. Evan Bayh, (D-Indiana) a big Clinton supporter.
Here's how the story opened in the Washington Post:

"Bayh praised Obama for denouncing his former pastor, but warned that Republicans will use that
to try to 'Swift Boat' the Illinois senator if he becomes the Democratic presidential nominee this fall."

Not the Clinton campaign, mind you -- the Republicans. The Republicans will use it.

That's true - and they'll use it very effectively.
If you think you've seen Wright on a loop now, wait till you see what $300M will buy.

"'You're running for president and people want to get a sense of who you are, and when you're new 
to the public stage you're a little more susceptible to having the canvas painted in by your political opponents.'"

The Republicans, that is. Those "political opponents" Bayh is talking about -- are the Republicans.

I don't get it because I've been accused of the same thing.
When I wrote that the GOP is going to make Obama the most radical, American-hating,
Muslim left-winger in history, people wrote back, "Why do you hate Black people?"

Warning how the enemy is going to attack does not make the warner the enemy.

Disagreeing with me on this point is saying "The GOP will play fair this time and they won't lie 
or use fear tactics against Obama," and that would prove that you know nothing about politics.

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