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Subject: those Iran crazies


All these people can't see the difference between blockading Iran's ports after 
giving them a bunch of weapons, then invading them because they have weapons?  (Bart vs. Cheney)  

Personally, I don't like blockading Iran because I don't believe it would be effective.
There are too many neighboring countries that would ship things to them overland 
(it may not be easy but it's been done before).  

But at least you offer a possible solution, 
unlike these idiots saying "How can you suggest that?"

If a blockade was ineffective, then it wouldn't likely lead to war, right?

I think a blackade would be damned effective and here's why:

We own the seas and the skies so any oil they ship would have to be over land

Our drones could explode their pipelines way faster than they could repair them
so their only method of transport would be trucks and how effective is that?

Thank you for not saying "A nuclear Iran is no threat to Israel."

Most times when we talk about this, I get angry emails saying 
Ahmahandjob never said he wanted "to wipe Israel off the map."

First, unless one speaks Farsi, how could they make that claim?

Second, even if you speak Farsi, how can you claim to know every 
word that has come from Ahmahandjob's mouth for all these years.

It's easy to prove what was said.
It's impossible to say what was not said.

Third, do the people making those wild claims really mean to suggest
that Ahmahandjob has always been, and will always be, a friend to Israel?

That's crazy talk of the highest order.

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