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Subject: The Arabs are NOT happy

all this whirled wide political duplicity is beginning to wear me out!

I never looked at this issue from this perspective
Posted by an anonymous person
The conclusion: The Arabs are not happy!!!
·        They are not happy  in Gaza.
·        They are not happy  in the West.
·        They are not happy  in Jerusalem.
·        They are not happy  in Israel.
·        They are not happy  in Egypt.
·        They are not happy  in Libya.
·        They are not happy  in Algeria.
·        They are not happy  in Tunis.
·        They are not happy  in Morocco.
·        They are not happy  in Yemen.
·        They are not happy  in Iraq.
·        They are not happy  in Afghanistan.
·        They are not happy  in Syria.
·        They are not happy  in Lebanon.
·        They are not happy  in Sudan.
·        They are not happy  in Jordan.
·        They are not happy  in Iran.
Where are the Arabs happy?
·        They are happy  in England.
·        They are happy  in France.
·        They are happy  in Italy.
·        They are happy  in Germany.
·        They are happy  in Sweden.
·        They are happy  in Holland.
·        They are happy  in Belgium.
·        They are happy  in Norway.
·        They are happy  in the U.S..
·        They are happy  in Romania.
·        They are happy  in Hungary.
They are happy in any other country in the world that is not under a Muslim rule.
And whom do they blame?
·      Not Islam.
·      Not their leadership.
·      Not themselves.
But the same countries in which they are happy to live.
This is so true ...... Democracy is really good for them :
In a democracy they can live comfortably, enjoy the high quality of life which they
did not build and work for, they don’t have to be productive and earn a living, they can be wild,
pray in the street and exploit social services, bite the hand that feeds them.
And by the time the free world wakes up, it will be too late ....

Thanks to Chris Lunn



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