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The Coming Attacks 
 by Ann in Philly 

I did some research on Barack's house. There's good news and bad news. 
The good news is: he didn't pay cash for the house. The bad news is: not only does his association 
with Rezko go further back than he has admitted to (for example, here's a factoid for you: Rezko 
offered Obama a job in 1990, before he even graduated from Harvard Law School), but the mansion 
deal was structured in a way that initially concealed his involvement with Rezko in the whole transaction. 

Also, there is a very shady character called Nadhmi Auchi, a Middle Eastern arms dealer (not a "sheik" 
but close enough), whose connections with Obama have been extensively covered in the Times of London, 
owned, if you will recall, by one Rupert Murdoch. 

Bottom line: Obama is not only dirty, he is very dirty, and has consistently lied about the true extent of 
his involvement with Rezko and Auchi. Reporters for both Chicago newspapers, the Tribune and the 
Sun-Times, have also done a lot of digging on Obama, apparently over stiff resistance from the publishers.

I started my research by checking land records in Cook County (remember what I told you about librarians!).
Curiously, I found no records for Barack and Michelle Obama for any "mansion," only for a condominium unit 
they had owned up until 2005. I only found the land records for the house he bought in 2005 because, when he
released his 2006 tax return, the address was on the face of the return. Hint: in Lexis you can do public records 
searches on addresses as well as names. When the land records came up, mortgage, tax assessor, and deed 
records were in the name, not of Barack and Michelle Obama but of a "Trust #10209," listed at the Northern 
Trust Bank. The tax assessor records are even more interesting: the owner of the property is listed as one 
William Miceli, who it turns out is the partner of the community development law firm that hired Obama after
he graduated from Harvard Law. More on "community development" later. 

Of course, several questions immediately occurred to me. According to the Times of London, Barack and 
Michelle are the sole beneficiaries of this trust. But who is or are the grantor or grantors? Who are the trustees? 
And why conceal what is supposed to be a legitimate real estate transaction under cover of this trust? 

The answer becomes clear in the land records, which also record the transaction between Obama's trust and 
Rezko for a piece of the parcel adjoining the house. Both the house and the adjoining land were sold on the 
same day, the house to Obama, the adjoining land to Rita Rezko. This Obama refers to as a "coincidence," 
despite the fact that the seller for the house and adjoining land was the same party, despite the fact that the 
title company is the same for both transactions. I have had some experience in real estate transactions, and it 
strains credulity to assume that these transactions were not handled at the same time. Obama later bought 
one-sixth of that adjoining land for his own use.

When I did some further searching in the land records for Illinois, I found about 15 other records for purchases 
or sales done by "Trust #10209" through other banks. It's not clear whether these transactions were performed 
by the same trust as the one that did Obama's property purchase, or if these are different trusts that coincidentally 
have the same name, but I don't believe in coincidences. In any case, the only way to find out is if Obama agrees 
to release all the information about the trust, which of course he will not do. For one thing, I would like to see the
tax records, as well as the trust documents themselves and the participants.

As for the "community development" work obama claims to have done? For that read "community destruction." 
The firm he worked for, and that William Miceli, the administrator of the land trust that owns his house works for, 
uses community development work fronted through local and community groups to get local, state, and federal 
funds to fund projects for Rezko and other "community activists." The whole thing is nothing more than a glorified 
racket, in which the poor of the south side of Chicago either wind up being removed from their neighborhoods, 
or stuck in substandard housing run by Rezko and his ilk. 

To quote from Evelyn Pringle's article, "Barack Obama - The Wizard of Oz,"

"The Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland law firm, where Obama worked for nearly a decade,
served as a hub for a slew of slumlord deals, many that benefited the firm's founder, Allison Davis,
and Obama's claims that he knew nothing about the inner workings of this small firm, represent 
an insult to the intelligence of the American public."

From where I sit, the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

It gets even worse when you start to do a newspaper search. As I said, the Chicago papers had already begun 
to do a lot of this digging, as has the Times of London. Here's a link to a web site that has a lot of the stories, 
including some done by an on-line site from New Zealand, OpEdNews, by Evelyn Pringle. She apparently 
followed the same paper trail that I did, and the results ain't pretty.

My conclusion is the same as hers: the Republicans are salivating over the chance to use this stuff in the 
general election. I think her prediction that Obama's viability won't survive a month is right on target. 
And the other sources quoted by noquarterusa are good, well-sourced stories. Here it is:

If Obama gets the nomination, we can forget about the White House in November. 

This is a time bomb waiting to explode under our feet. Needless to say, I'm sick about this. 
But I now understand why the pressure on Hillary to quit the race. 
The longer she stays in, the greater the chance all this will come out. 
If she drops out, all this goes away, ...that is until McCain detonates the land mine.

Keep hammerin'
 Ann in Philly

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