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Subject: the new Tiger

I think Tiger just needs to own it.  
Clearly the “real” Tiger is the whore banging scumbag that we’ve all just been introduced to.  

He’s not coming back from that and now that his cover’s been blown there’s no way he’s going 
to be able to get it under wraps again.  So don’t.  Show up at the next tournament with a 
hot-ass blond decked out in platforms and fishnet-stockings under each arm and just own that shit. 

Who sponsors him would shift (Budweiser, MGM Grand, Spike TV instead of Wheaties and the
Disney Channel) but as long as he’s winning the game (uh, golf) they’ll still be there.  
Be the Charles Barkley of Golf – he was anyway, his public persona was just a complete lie/fiction.
 RJ in Asheville

Let's not be too tough on Eldrick.   (Did I just say that?)
His problem isn't that he likes to bang tons o' broads.

His problem is he swore he wouldn't.

If he can't be faithful he should stop lying to himself and his wife.
He should give her a divorce (seems to be in the works) and let her find a man 
who will be willing to keep his wedding vows and then they can all be happy.

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