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Subject:  the truth about Democrats
Hey Bart, you wrote:

> If our brain-dead Democrats could learn to list the facts, they'd never lose.

You’ve mentioned this MANY MANY times and I believe you are right about this. 
I feel, though, that this idea has become a given and it’s possible that Democrats are being given the benefit of the doubt. 

It might be thought that they are just too dumb, polite, or naïve to list the facts.  Maybe the attitude towards Democrats
not listing the facts needs to be explored from a different angle and the question of “why” needs to be explored. 
Why are the democrats not listing the facts?  I do not know the answer, but I am starting to think that it is NOT due to
them being dumb, polite or naïve.   Maybe there is something more nefarious involved with Democrats not listing the facts.


We've talked about this a lot over the years.

Some people say, "They're all on the same team," which doesn't make sense because if they were,
it wouldn't always be the Right making the Democrats the saps, the patsys and the dupes.

Some people say, "The Bush bastards spied and got dirt on EVERY Democrat," which doesn't
make sense because how could EVERY Democrat be guilty of something really big and damaging?

Me, for instance - they'd have nothing on me and I'm certainly no choirboy.
How is it possible Ol' Bart is cleaner than EVERY Democrat?
And our choir boy president - what could they possibly have on him?

What makes more sense is Democrats are hung up on being fair, polite and playing by the rules
while the Republicvans will do anything, say anything and pay any price to win.

Republicans fight like hockey players with missing teeth.
Democrats want to avoid fighting by using reasonable arbitration.

Seeing the dying glaciers last week gave me this thought about the environment:

A Republican is like a drunken thug who is raping his own pre-teen daughters every night while the
Democrat plays the fretful wife who can hear her daughters being savagely raped but instead of helping,
our elected Dems choose to remain silent because hubby gets "so angry" when she objects to the rapes.

Republicans fight like escaped convicts.
Democrats fight like mousy, little housewives.

Dems don't have the stomach to stop their daughter's (or their environment's) rapes.

Democrats often disgust me.


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