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This is the guy...
 by William Rivers Pitt


George W. Bush was all over my television this past week, all over the newspapers, and the feelings
inspired by his sudden reappearance are almost beyond my capacity to describe. There was the story
about his hearty approval of waterboarding. There was the story that had him contemplating dropping
Dick Cheney from the administration. There was the story that had him describing himself as a "dissenter"
on the Iraq invasion. He did interviews, and excerpts of his new book dribbled out, and it was all too much to endure.

This is the guy, I thought to myself when I saw his face or heard his voice. This is the guy.

This is the guy who took a massive Clinton administration budget surplus and gave it away to his friends
at the top of the tax bracket, a move that laid the groundwork for our current economic calamity.

This is the guy who breezed past a pointed warning about Osama, terrorism and airplanes
on August 6, 2001, because he was on vacation and couldn't be bothered.

This is the guy who parlayed that massive failure into a constant goad of fear to be wielded with impunity
against the people he purported to lead. Plastic sheeting and duct tape, anthrax under your pillow,
and of course, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Wouldn't it be nice of there was ONE REPORTER in America who would ask real questions?

Seems like when the Clintons had books out, media whores lined up to scream "Liar" at them,
but Bush is given respect and reverence because his lies emptied the Treasury, stole your savings,
stole the equity from your home, outsourced your job and killed 4,500 soldiers?


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