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Subject: You should be ashamed

To anyone with a brain, Wright is not an issue.  

Who said the voters had a brain?
Certainly you didn't read those words at this site.


Wright is not running for office.  
Wright is not a surrogate or spokesman for Obama.  
He is not an official of Obama's campaign. 

True, but he was Obama's prophylactic against the Muslim charge.

The MSM has turned on Obama, and this is a handy cudgel to bash him with.  

Too bad nobody on Obama's staff saw that coming.
I could see if from Tulsa.

You write about Tim Russert's obsession with Clinton's private parts.  
You should question your obsession with Wright.
You think I've spent ten years on Rev Wright?

You should be ashamed of your blind and mindless support for the Clintons.  

Blind and mindless?
Are we going to have an insult contest?
Now that I have experience with - fifteen years to be exact.


Hillary's strategy is to rule or ruin the Democratic Party.  

Who told you that - Big Eddie or Randi?

Why isn't Obama the guy who destroyed our party?
Can you remember how totally unified we were in December 2007?

If she can't get the nomination (and she can't get it by ethical or mathematical standards), 
she will ruin Obama and hope for another shot in 2012. She might as well simply endorse 
McCain and get it over with.  If I were Obama, I would watch my back before any contact 
with the Clintons or their inner circle.

You're angry because she's a fighter instead of a quitter.
If you think Hillary doesn't play nice, wait until Obama faces the GOP.
They're going to make Hillary look like a walk in the garden.

Wright is an excuse for overt and covert racists to bash Obama.  

That could be true - or it could be your guy made a massive blunder.
Remember, just 6 weeks ago he said we need to understand Wright,
that we need to realize his anger was real and we needed to open our hearts.
Now, Obama has changed his mind and rendered his "race speech" moot. 

You should look to your own heart.  

Now you've done it - ...I'm starting to cry.

If Hillary manages to obtain the nomination, 
I would have to quell my nausea before voting for her.

If you don't vote Democrat, 
be happy with a hard-right, whore court for decades.

Here's hoping the Clintons manage to rack up another hundred million dollars in the near future.  
If you had a brain, you would expose the hidden interests of Bill and Hillary.
 Thomas M, Chicago

So, you're one of those "punish success" guys, eh?
The Clintons were millions in debt - from fighting YOUR battles - when they left office.
You should be happy that a little financial justice has come their way.

But if Obama wins two terms and makes millions, you'll be OK with that?

...and if I had a brain - well, no use finishing that sentence.

Bottom line:
Chill out - relax, smoke one if you have some, then do a shot.

A Democrat is going to win in November.
Doesn't that make you happy?

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