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Subject: Tiger Woods, oilman

Tiger, a man who doesn't need another dime, has sold out to big oil. 

Instead of protesting against Chevron's human rights violations, he is now giving them his name 
to use as a sugar coating. I missed this story when it came out, and I think the right wing media
monopoly is to blame. I did a search for (tiger woods chevron) and couldn't find a link to a
mainstream article in the first few pages, but when I did a search for (tiger woods augusta) 
MSNBC led the pack.

The Tiger Woods Foundation has entered into an extensive five-year partnership with Chevron, 
with the oil and energy giant becoming the title sponsor of the Tiger Woods Foundation World 
Challenge Golf Tournament. 

"Chevron has a track record and a commitment to bettering the communities where they operate," 
Woods whored in a press release on April 3. And Chevron's executive vice president chimed in, 
"Chevron, Tiger and the Tiger Woods Foundation share similar values... as well as a deep 
commitment to make a difference in local communities."

Ka Hsaw Wa, co-founder and executive director of EarthRights International, wrote in an 
open letter to Woods, "I myself have spoken to victims of forced labor, rape, and torture on 
Chevron's pipeline - if you heard what they said to me, you too would understand how their 
tragic stories stand in stark contrast to Chevron's rhetoric about helping communities."

 by Bruce Yurgil

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