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Subject: Tillman

I am an Army Infantry veteran. Granted it has been many years since I handled and M-16, 
but at that time there was no such thing as a "default setting for a three round burst". 
And I have never before heard of such a thing on an M-16 since. It was either single shot or "rock and roll". 
And the automatic rate of fire for an M-16 was so fast that it would have been nearly impossible to pinch off 
a burst of less than a half dozen or so rounds in a single burst at full auto. Even if there were a setting for a 
three round burst, the  M-16 with anything other than a single shot is going to pull up and to the left on each 
consecutive shot expelled. 

I think this would eliminate the possibility of a shot group close enough to hit a target the size of a human skull 
with all three rounds from one burst at a distance more than a couple of feet, or point blank. If Pat had more than 
one round in his head at the time of his death, they would have to have been placed by single shots, or at extremely 
close range. At least that is my opinion from my experience of many years ago. 

If I am full of crap, I am willing to accept the opinion of someone with more recent experience with today's weapons.
 Dennis in STL

Dennis, the coroner already proved they lied about how it happened.
Maybe the Democrats can get some answers with the bastards under oath.

Subject: Tillman

Bart, I just read an entry that mentioned Tillman keeping a journal and it not being among his personal effects. 
And there's a part of his story that has always perplexed me - perhaps a reader of your site with military 
experience could explain it

Why were his uniform and equipment set on fire after the incident? 
Is this something that is normally done after a soldier is killed?

I'm sure I've read it, but I rarely hear that fact mentioned anymore.

Keep hammering, Bart. We need you.
 Joe G. in Cleveland

Who Ordered Tillman's Uniform and Notebook Burned? 


Within hours of Pat Tillman's death, the Army went into information-lockdown mode, 
cutting off phone and Internet connections at a base in Afghanistan, posting guards on 
a wounded platoon mate, and ordering a sergeant to burn Tillman's uniform.

Subject: Tillman

Bart, I was an M16 instructor and have an M16 expert ribbon from my Navy days.
Automatic fire from an M16 is horribly inacurrate.  After the first round is fired the recoil 
sends the bullets wherever. 

A three round burst at a target 100 yards away will generally wing it or bring it down. 
It can't be single shots unless Tillman was shot two more times after he was dead on the ground. 
The shooter was very close (and lucky) using automatic fire to put three rounds in an 3" x 6" target 
(forehead).  Snipers don't use automatic fire.

DC Madman

Subject: Tillman

Yo Bart, I knew about the M16's three shot burst setting. But! 
The key thing here is what the hell was that highly trained ranger thinking 
when he fired off that burst at close range. 

Even if he could see only Tillman's head when he fired you mean to tell me he wasn't capable 
of recognizing an American battle helmet, caucasian facial features and english language being 
shouted when he carefully aimed at his forehead? 

I have a nauseating feeling this was an ordered frag and it's just going to fade away.
  DFG in blue PA

Subject: Tillman

Adding to your list:

Or if you are an over zealous general with a misguided notion of trying
to prevent embarassment to the administration....?


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