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Subject: Cheney and Obama ARE effectively the same
And Hillary would have been as well!

Cheney enjoyed maintaining a torture chamber in Guantanamo Bay while Obama is forced
by unknown factors to reluctantly continue these same horrific crimes against humanity.
Different men, same outcome.

Cheney gleefully planned our invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq with the killing of so many
innocent women and children while Obama allows himself to be forced to continue the slaughter
by some unforeseen and not-yet-explained circumstance. Again, different men, same outcome.

I take Obama's word that he wants to end that war, and that he wants to close Guantanamo,
but to paraphrase the famous Rumsfeld...As you know, you rule the country you have, not the
country you might want or wish to have ... America, including it's President, is ruled by a ruling
class, just as were all great Empires throughout history, and Democracy is an illusion. We only
elect a fool to pretend to have some kind of control. Every four years each party sends it's
company of actors to audition for parts in a big play we call representative government.

The party with the most actors chosen is rewarded by being given the lion's share of political
donations and bribes. (Why else would people spend millions of their own dollars to gain a seat
in Congress that pays less than $200,000 a year?) But Let the puppet President step out of line
and try to prevent a money making invasion that the rulers are pushing for and some 'lone nut'
will shoot him with a "magic bullet" in the front of his head, from a school book suppository
that is behind him. lol!

In America today 20% of the people own a remarkable 85% of all wealth.That leaves only 15%
for the remaining 80% of our population.That gives the top 20% an obscene amount of control.

With such an unbalanced economy these rich people have the power to hire or not hire. They have
the power to make laws that protect themselves and harm the powerless in every imaginable way.
They have the power to create an Army and a network of electronic and print media that they
themselves control. They also have the power to steal elections and buy the votes of an entire
Congress. We watched as it all unfolded right before our eyes, and yet many still cling to the
hope that we can still win. But we lost it all in the year 2000, the year the right-wing trigger
was pulled, and the only way to reverse that loss is to wage full-scale revolution.

Once the working class see the predicament we are in nd have suffered sufficiently, and once
revolution has taken place, a new government will have to be formed and tasked with taking
stewardship of all major businesses and all control of societal functions will have to be centralized
to prevent disruptions. In other words we will be forced to adopt some form of fairly extreme
Socialism just as was predicted by Karl Marx 160 years ago. Until then we have an ugly Fascism
to live with. Remember growing up hearing about Germany 1930's, the propaganda, the poverty?
Wieder Willkommen Bart.
 Tim in Muldraugh, Ky

But, what if Obama turns liberal in his second term?

Had we gotten the Obama we voted for, maybe he'd be impeached by now.
Once he takes that oath a second time, he'll never need another vote as long as he lives.

Then he can tell the right-wing, "Go fuck yourself."

Let's hope I'm right.


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