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Subject: let's fight until the end of time about Israel


Realized yet how wrong you were and why I have been so upset at you for promoting
ANY kind of attack on Iran or any of it's assets? Why risk major war when even the
Israeli military does not see the need?

If Israel sees no need to attack Iran, why are you still arguing the point?

We will continue to see similar proclamations from other level-headed and better-informed
Jewish officials who see that this kind of attack is both unnecessary and far too dangerous.

I would bet that seeing you be honest and contrite about this mistake of yours would help your
readers see you as a more humble and conscientious man, so go ahead and send me your apology
on the page along with a big "WELCOME BACK MULDRAUGH TIM" headline.

I'm sure it will help with donations. (unless your rabid Likud party abettors see it)
I hope you learn from this that you do need to listen to fans like me who may steer you
away from self-harm. It is obvious in how you dropped the subject like a handful of
boiling shit (while the discussion continues to rage on everywhere else in the media)
that you regret going near it in the first place.

You would have also been better off keeping your goofy responses to me via email.
Asking me to show you proof that you had been promoting an attack on Iran
when most of your readers saw those words for themselves and were likely to clearly
remember them made you look a little shitty. It's time for redemption!

<>Poor Tim, you're still stuck on this?
<>You've tried everything except sending me a donation.

I'm so tuned out to this endless horseshit, I can't tell you if Likud is Left or Right,
but whichever side they're on, they're not sending me any damn money.

Why would they? I have no opinion of this never-ending horseshit.
Even with an IQ of 64, I'm waaaay too smart to get stuck in this tar patch.

I'm a lot of things but at risk of "self-harm" isn't one of them.

<>You haven't been able to quote me where I said I want to bomb the people of Iran.
<>How can your inability to produce proof make me look shitty?

I'm so old, I remember a time when you were NOT stuck on this.
Can you remember that Tim?  The sane one?
Can you get a message to
that Tim that his old friend Bart is worried about his sanity?

But maybe you have a point.
Maybe we should go ahead and let Iran nuke Israel,
if they can ever get their lil' nuke bomb finished.

It would certainly end the never-ending argument.

I hope things get better for you.


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