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Subject: Bart, we can beat them

From the day President Obama took office, Democrats have worked to rebuild our country's economy,
put into place the basic financial reforms needed to empower and protect consumers, and lay down a new foundation for growth.

Actually, you guy raised taxes on tanning booths - what the hell is wrong with you?
They're going to make us eat that 1,000 times, that is, if we choose to engage in battle with them.

Republicans made a different choice: They locked arms with the special interests
and voted to protect the insurance companies, credit card lenders, and bankers on Wall Street.

Yeah, Rethugs have discipline - Democrats have Blue Dog backstabbers
that our president then campaigns for to keep them in office.   F-ing why?
Why does Obama reward Democrats who go against him?

But we have a plan to beat the GOP.

Let me guess: You've decided to wake up and join the fight?

Can you chip in $5 or more to power this work?
 Tim Kaine, Chairman of the Democratic Party

No, not until you pussies learn how to fight back.

All you've done is surrender and I'm tired of it.

You should send ME money because I'm fighting them more than you are.

Stop doing what the Bitch, the Boner and Glenn Beck ORDER you to do and we'll
consider a donation - but only AFTER we see some fight from you sacless worms.

BTW, you're the worst DNC chairman ever.


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