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Subject: Griese's comment was stupid 

You and I both know that ANY term IS insulting and racist once it has become known to be used as a racist and insulting term. 
If it is an excepted racist slang, use of the term in that context IS racist!!. 

Taco is a racist word?

OR, if one were to use a term CALCULATED or KNOWN to be taken as racist, THAT TERM, no matter what it is, IS racist. 
Beano  had no meaning whatsoever until it was USED as a racist term.

You have no choice but to judge the speaker's intent.
In Pulp Fiction, when Marsellus Wallace called Jules "my nigga," it was a term of endearment.
Oprah has a Black, female friend (Name slips my mind) that she calls, "Ho."
If Magic Johnson says, "Michael Jordan?" In his day, that nigger could fly," he's not a racist.
You don't have a choice - you have to accept the speaker's intent.

Simply using a meaningless term that SOUNDS racist, knowing it can be or will be taken as a racist term, 
makes THAT use of the term racist. This is what Greise did. This is what Rethugs do all the time.

You might have a point there somewhere, but you're messing up the delivery.
It's my opinion that if you force a man to talk non-stop for hours, at some point 
he'll say something that someone could take as a racially-tinged comment.

I don't know Bob Griese well enough to say if he's a racist or not.
These days, even the innocent have to be careful of every word that escapes their lips.

Even the term "Negro" can be used as a racist term. Try walking up to a group of young black men and ask 
"How you Negros doing today". Try telling them that it isn't a racist term. If they act upset just say to them, 
"Listen up Negroes, I don't mean anything with that word. I love Negroes". Try it! 
The term "Negro" is the official term to describe this group of people, so you'll be safe doing this!! Right? LOL!! 
You're too smart to pretend not to understand this.

If I was as smart as you, I'd understand?

Bart, I suspect you don't completely accept black people. 

Because you assign evil motives to Bob Griese and I don't?
Why wasn't your e-mail titled "Griese comment was racist."

I think you have some soul searching and hard work to do in this area. 

I successfully crossed that bridge many decades ago and my soul doesn't need to be forgiven..

Racism is like religiosity in that it takes years of serious search and thought to pull it completely from your mind. 
It takes much more than simply recognizing it is wrong. We all need UN-training, which is like teaching a well-trained dog 
NOT to sit and roll over on command after doing so half it's life. Undoing that wretched training is a lifetime endeavor. 
I was blessed that I had someone, my mother, working hard to cancel out the race-hate that society was piling into my head 
as it was being shoveled in. I feel like I may be a graduate student while you appear to me to be more like a High School Junior, 
in the school of anti-racist maturity. Just keep trying!!
 Tim W

So if I saw racism in every innocent comment I'd be as educated as you?

I think you have a point - somehere - but you're not presenting a coherent argument.

It's true I was born in a world where "nigger" was an accepted term in conversation.
Not on TV or radio, but it was the language that people used in Missouri and Arkansas, and I suspect in all fifty states.
When Blacks were finally granted their civil rights in 1965, that began to slowly change.

You can accuse me of being born in 1953, but that's about it.

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