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Subject: All I can say is WOW!

Look at what you wrote:

> "I have no idea what you're talking about."
> "Making me out to be "another Cheney" seems kinda pointless and stupid.
> "When did I say we need to bomb Iran?"

I thought you had no idea what I was talking about!!
DUH! You played yourself Bart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, you're not making any sense.
Your hatred of Israel is clouding every issue for you.

You sound like a three year old lying to his mommy.
'Mommy, why are you looking at me like that, I didn't eat that pie',
when you're not suppose to even know yet that Mommy could be thinking about a pie! LOL!

I'm glad you find your allegations amusing.

You knew what I was talking about! You even showed many of the similar negative
responses you got against your promotions of an attack on Iranian nuke sites.

Too bad you can't quote me on that.

Remember that time when you said "we should hang all poor people?"

{Don't you hate it when people make unfounded charges?}
I guess DOZENS of your readers had the same hallucination of you saying we need
to attack Iranian territory. LOL!  A<>nd if you weren't suggesting bombing Iran,
how else could we take out their nuclear sites, dropping cupcakes??

You are correct again.
I said "we must bomb Iran with cupcakes."

I guess I've caught a glimpse of the man behind the curtain.
No, you got waaaay too far into the Middle East and you can't find your way out.
 You're stuck in a maze like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.  

It's become your goal in life - to "save" Iran from Bartcop's war planes.
In your mind, I won't be happy until every Iranian child is dead.

I do still have hope for you, (cough) so I'll keep watching for personal growth on your part!
Just tell me you were on a bad drunk, (Perhaps you had a bipolar episode!)

Give me something other than simple war-mongering hate,
something I can understand. Help me make some sense of it all.

A moron can't make sense of any goddamn thing and you, Sir, are a moron.

You claim I give off nothing but simple war-mongering hate?

You are a fucking moron of the highest order.
You confuse willing to defend himself with loves-to-murder.

You've been so good for so long.
 Tim in Muldraugh

Tim, I'm afraid you are beyond reason and nothing can get thru to make you understand.
In your confused mind, there is only ONE issue to deal with - and that's Israel.

One of us wants a country wiped off the map.
You probably think it's me.

One of us thinks the problem in the Middle East is "not enough nukes."

When I ask you to quote what I wrote, you just skip to the next paragraph.
When you do that, it prevents us from having a real conversation.
Do you get that?

You remind me of the Republicans impeaching Clinton.
"He's so guilty, there's no reason to list the charges."

Yes, months ago I suggested stragetic strikes on Iranian oil loading platforms, (whatever) which
would cause litttle or no loss of life, but "bombing Iran" sounds like I want to drop 5,000 pound
bombs on Tehran (which is what Cheney did to Baghdad).

You pretend those two actions are equals, but that's bullshit and you know it.

In your confused mind, I'm "another Cheney"  but if you quote me,
I'm going to sound reasonable, so you avoid doing that.

You want to argue about this one issue until the end of time.

You know who you are, Tim?

You're THESE guys and you're frustrated that I won't join you.
I'm too old and too smart to get on the never-ending merry-go-round on which you're stuck.
You send these incoherent rants to me several times a week.
You clutter up my mailbox with the same babbling bullshit over and over and it's getting
very old so I'm going to save myself the headache and block your future emails.

Now you can tell your anti-Israel buddies, "Bartcop is afraid to face me."

You were once a friend and a contributor - then you got stuck on this Middle East crap.

Over the years I've lost lots of friends over a single issue, (guns, guitar players, actresses)
but nothing loses a friend faster than the subject of Israel.

If you ever come to your senses, if you can somehow escape from your maze, if you can
learn to write a sentence that has nothing to do with my determination to wipe out every
last Iranian woman and child, have a friend e-mail me and we'll give you another chance.


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