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Subject: taxing Myth-Understandings 

Hey Bart!

As somebody who once lived in a tax bracket (under $10K per year in Toronto, Canada in the eighties) 
such that I gots me "no taxes" from the feds (and a break from the province as well, if I recall), I gots one
thing to say to these pundits:

Try it.  Find out what that kind of life is really like.  See if you can become a "welfare queen" and enjoy 
yourselves on that kind of living wage.  No cheating - they can't touch the megabucks they have stashed away. 
They can add to them if they can manage to do so on poverty level wages.  Maybe a discussion with Barbara 
Ehrenreich would be in order.

These pricks never tell you the real story anyhow, and try and spin their tax myth BS.  The hopefully-soon-to-be 
much more than 39% tax goes to any taxable income in excess of $250K (right?  I really don't pay attention to 
things like that myself, not having to worry about anything close to that much income in a single year, so I'm not
sure about the number).  Let's think about that for a minute.  

Any income that a rich person can't manage to hide or expense away in excess of a quarter of a million dollars 
in any one year gets taxed at this 'outrageous' rate. All of the income under that amount gets taxed the same way 
it does for you and me.  What the hell are these people bitching about?  If I could ever manage to pull in that 
much scratch in a year, I would be happy to hand over my fair share to make sure the system keeps working.  

I'd prefer not to be funding the corrupt, the warmongers, or the religiously insane with those tax dollars, 
but I'm willing to work within the system to try and eliminate that - not start a bloody revolution!

Just another reason why all of the gasbags are nothing but white noise to my ears these days.  They pull this
47% crap out of their asses to distract us from their attempt to pay even less of their fair share than they already do.  
And it's all just to make sure enough sheeple can't figure this stuff out, so's they'll keep using their pitchforks to
shovel the shit they are thrown.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Keep swinging that hammer!

(: Tom  :)  the Pillar in Pontiac, 

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