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Subject: Just a little housekeeping


Sorry I have not written in ages. 

Without going into the details, I have had a strange (and sometimes tragic) series of life events 
the past few months (my health is OK, but a lot of things have happened around me).  
This has caused me to 'take inventory' of a lot of things in my life, and tell a lot of people 
exactly what I am thinking.  And I have been meaning to write you...

I have been reading your work since RL-LNW (vol 15, I think), and I believe I have read 
every issue of the page.  Your work has been inspiring, thought provoking, insightful, and, 
most importantly, intelligent.  Sometimes we have not agreed, but who cares?  
Your writing (and now the show) has literally kept me going at times when I 
thought I was the last sane person on Earth.  

There are also times I have sat down and read your work and either laughed out loud (trip reports, 
Oklahoma stories), or just cried (9/11, health news).  Not many people have that effect on me.  
After many years of reading your work, it was great to hear your voice when the shows started.  
I am not too good at keeping up with those, but they have come a LONG way, and I enjoy them.

The point of all of this is just so that you know that your work is appreciated.  
A lot of folks have treated you unfairly lately, but a lot of us know the importance of 'sticking.'   
I never ONCE thought of cancelling my subscription, or cussing you out about it.  
Your work has been too important for my sanity!  I work in the auto industry, 
and I don't find many people of a similiar mindset there.

Sorry for the long-winded letter, but it is important (to me) that you know the impact of your work.  
Take care of yourself, and keep your head up - We're going to win in November!

Tom, that was nice.
No screaming all-caps, no threats, no venom - just a nice letter.
I haven't gotten many like that, lately.

A shot of Chinaco Anejo to you.

Sidebar:  I was going to save this for the big Kumbaya Tequilafest after the merge,
but let's remember - the only way two Democrats can argue about politics is if they both care.

People who don't care - people who don't protest or even vote - they should be argued with.
When we fight amongst ourselves, we're still pulling on the same end of the rope.

I don't know who's going to win - neither do you.
But let's keep our heads, keep our sense of humor because when people vote in November,
the choice is going to be a third Bush term or a Democrat - we have to win, right?

We can't underestimate the sons of bitches, but even the GOP has lost faith in Bush now.
Nobody wants a third term of war, terror, torture, renditions, kidnappings, rapes, bankrupt, etc.

So let's keep our heads - let's remember who the real enemy is.


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