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Subject: Lost in that NY Trip Report

Bart, how's it going? 

OK - I have read through all the posted sections of the trip report (Sat, Sun, Mon). 
Very entertaining reading, I must say.  It sounds like you guys had a rocking time. 
(I re-read the (music) section, because it sounds like such an incredible experience).

But we still don't know WHY you went to NY! 

We know you met some entertainment lawyers, but we don't know who 'Frank' 
(Mr. White), Greg, and Paul are, or why you were there to meet them. 
I assume this is all going to be tied together in the Tuesday report, right?

You said that Monday was the day that you might have taken 'the big gamble', 
but I don't see that in the Monday report.

I still cannot figure out what is going on with this trip.  Is there a cheat sheet somewhere? 
Did I miss an important subliminal message?  Or maybe I have an IQ of 63, so I can't keep up!

Looking forward to the next part!

Tom, genius can't be fully explained. (cough)

No, seriously, the story had to have Tarantino-ian time shiftsl
Hopefully the final installment will explain some things.

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