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Subject: Your recent financial troubles with bartcop dot com





Hey Bart!

I wish I knew what to tell you about this situation and how to solve it.

The internets have been a fickle mistress to many.  I've been out here for
over ten years now, and I've gotten very little (under $50) worth of support
(in terms of buying stuff from my internets store) in those ten years. 
Thank goodness I've never had to count on surviving off of my web site. 
I don't know how you managed to make it this far.

Your site is about fifty times more valuable to me than Kos, Eschaton, or
any of the other progressive sites on the web - much less any of the wingnut
welfare sites that churn out Republicant propaganda for Rove, Scaife, and Breibrat. 
At least fifty times more content that I want to read, fifty times better commentary,
fifty times more interesting stories you bring to my attention.  I've sent you more
money and Chinaco than everywhere else combined and it makes zero difference
in the grand scheme of things.

I wish there was a way to fix it all.  If I ever win the lottery you'll be set for life. 
Just don't hold your breath on that one, okay?

In the meantime, as always, you are always welcome to visit.  I'm not taking any
chances on visiting redneckland again, but you're welcome to drop in any time.

And, remember - for every one of us that's got your back, there's a gazillion
arseholes out there trying to take you down and hoping you'll pack it in and
make their lives easier.  Don't give up and let them win.

Tom, that was nice - thanks.

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