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Subject: Putsch wins third term against Shrillary

Hey Bart!

Comparing the Texas Souffle to our next president is not a fair comparison.

If they could prop the Giggling Murderer up for a third term, he would lose.  To the Big Dog.  
By a landslide.  I get he's trying to torpedo Her because of all of her baggage, but unfair 
comparisons like this during the party infighting phase of the competition do not help the 
Democrats in the next election cycle.  Don't drag out any fantasy scenarios - I'm sure many 
ditto monkeys would point out that Ray-Gun (should they be able to reanimate his corpse) 
would beat Her, too - to try and disparage a Democratic candidate for president.

But that's the beauty of the next president Clinton.  She hasn't even started responding to 
the Republican't slanders, and has the potential to blow the whole smear machine wide open 
when she does.  It would be nice to see lots and lots of alternative news specials about the 
Republican't implosion in 2008 during the lead up to the election, don't you think?

By the way, not to suggest anything to the Democratic leaning public at large*, but wouldn't it be
interesting if the entire Democratic party stood up and read into Congress their opposition to the 
Iraq War while rescinding that Chimperial proclamation?  They have thirty days to do it, you know.

Anyways,... sorry to send you another essay.  
Hope all is well at Casa de Bart, and there's some more of that Bixby corn for you to enjoy!  
Take care.

T:)M the Pillar in Pontiac

* - any Democratic politicians with any cojones at all reading this 
should be scurrying to get it done.  The clock is ticking, folks...

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