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Subject: your Bartcop Worldwide Computer Repair questions  

Hey Bart!

1.  I've been trying to do a little bit of this since I got underemployed by the Bush Depression in 2009 - with very little success.
Good luck - and do you know if Bartcop's Worldwide Computer Repair is hiring any time soon?

If things get going, you betcha.

2.  The Bush Depression is kicking everyone in the nads everywhere.  People are stretching out the life of anything
they have that's operational, computer-wise, and going to somebody like the Geek Squad only as a last resort. 
Your point D is probably somewhat accurate - when things start to go south, usually the entertainment budget is the
first to get chopped.

I'd keep my Internet going before I'd save my phone and my cable bills.
You can make calls and watch TV on the Internet.

3.  I think there is a bit of the boy crying 'wolf' too much - especially on this issue (how much PCs suck) - and maybe
some people are waiting for you to go at least a month or two without Cheneying up your computer again.

<>I get that, but my guy has always worked on my 2005 computer which was broke when I got it.

4.  You're almost absolutely right - Bartcop's Worldwide Computer Repair is one of the best deals out there. 
As people start to have problems (that they can afford to take care of) things will get going.

Thanks for the keep-your-chin-up :)

5.  The silence is deafening after a couple of days (and one issue) of announcing your new venture. 
I've heard of instant results, but I had no idea that expectations regarding the power of advertisement
had advanced so radically.  My experience with advertising and promotion has been less than stellar (cough),
and even the Bartcop marketing magic could not generate any sales at the Funny Farm*. 

And you're wondering why the door to Bartcop's Worldwide Computer Repair isn't being battered down yet? 
Did you pull out some of that Golgafrinchan B (French) stuff out of your freezer?

I live in a world where things never work - you've seen my list.
Wouldn't you think maybe 5-10% of Bartcop readers have some kind of computer problem?
Yeah, I thought I was bringing electricty to Arkansas, like f-ing Jim Dandy   :)

Give it time, my friend.  Time that none of us have to spare, true, but still...

(: Tom :) the Pillar in Pontiac
desperately clinging to sanity in the throes of the Bush Depression

* - which, by the way, still has way cool bumper stickers, coffee mugs,
and more available at the Funny Farm Country Store: just in case anybody wanted to put a
few quarters in the hands of a poor farm boy in Michigan...

The good news is we're not paying rent on a storefront, utilities, cash registers, counters,
display cases, salaries and permits and licenses and taxes.  I've been down that road.

As I told my partner, if we were crazy enough to start a lawn-mowing business  (LOL!)
we'd probably have to invest $20K in trucks, mowers, edgers, weedeaters, advertising and insurance
plus we'd be the unlucky bastards who were working in the hot Oklahoma sun in July and August.

<> Sidebar:
Interesting bit of human nature - I'm getting LOTS of feedback from Mac users, Linux users
and technicians who work on Windows who don't need help which has been very helpful,
but if you put all of them in one, giant Iraqi prison man-pile, they'd make up what - less than
20 percent of Bartcop readers?

I'm hoping that other 80 percent will remember me if/when their computer goes down
and not pay five times our price to those pimply-faced newbies from Best Buy. 

They're probably Republicans, anyway.


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