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Subject: Tebow, Manning, Colts.

Hi Bart,

Let me break this down for you, it's been a really long discussion:

Before the season opener (after the CBA/strike) last year, Peyton Manning went into surgery
for the fourth time to correct a problem he had with his neck.  This surgery meant that the Colts
would endure an entire season without their MVP player, and the resulting win/loss record guarantees
them the first pick in this year's draft.  That pick is going to be Andrew Luck, the Stanford QB who
looks to be a franchise player.  If the Colts draft Luck, they're stuck with a pretty big salary problem
...megamillions for 2 guys.  Manning is a free agent, and all scenarios pointed to the Colts jettisoning
him from the team, and rebuilding.  They even got rid of the Polians, (Vice Chairman and GM) prior
to the SuperBowl.

Manning was not going to return to Indy, despite the record and how much he means to the City. 
He simply costs too much, and with the neck surgeries, nobody is really certain if he will be able to
play another season, let alone for several years.  Denver picking him up makes a ton of sense. 

John Elway has been trying to build a SuperBowl team, and has never been a fan of Tebow as the
QB that can get them there.  Denver has cap room, and frankly, this move puts them in contention
immediately.  Tebow is shiny and Christiany and a feel-good story, but he can't throw the ball.

Peyton will change Denver's chances to win a SuperBowl. 
That is, until Richard Seymour of the Raiders gets to him - I hate the Broncos.

Hope this makes some sense.
 T (Bartfest Tournament Winner #2, Vegas)


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