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Subject: Concert review "I saw U2 last night"

I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to let you know that the U2 show was, yes, amazing again. 
It was a stadium show, and "The Claw" was a remarkable feat of engineering and visuals...outside of
a glitch in a couple of panels, the thing was almost indescribably cool.

Imagine our surprise when they had Gabby Giffords' husband sending a message from the Space Station. 
He had some cut outs that he floated on the screen (zero gravity), I tried my best to remember them,
I think this is what it said:


and then they cut into Beautiful Day. 

I saw U2 for the first time 26 years ago for their Unforgettable Fire Tour, and they've come a long way. 
The show was a technological masterpiece, and really shows how they've taken it to another level. 
To be honest, I thought their performance was less electric than in times past, but I have a feeling that
it is because it is staged so much, with the interactive screens and cameras, plus the rotating 365 degree stage.

On one song, I forget which one it was, they were playing at 4 corners, each of them at least 20 yards away
from the other.  Mullen carried a drum out and walked the stage playing with his hands, while the others kept time. 

I was amazed that they were able to play together from such different locations, given the obvious acoustic lag
they must've had to overcome being in separate parts of the stage, and sometimes not seeing each other...

They haven't lost a step, and have really stepped up the technology. 
It got a little preachy/Amnesty International, which is also awesome, IMO, because the biggest rock band
on the planet is also socially conscious.  Lenny Kravitz opened for them...that was cool, too. 
"He has a lot of songs," as Bono said during the show.

We had tickets for this gig in 2009 - they didn't let us down. 

Reminder: U2 are some of the biggest gamblers on the planet.
That show costs $700K per day to move around.

If someone gets a sore throat (or needs back surgery)
it could cost them many millions of dollars.

We've seen every tour twice since 1987.

They have never failed to greatly impress.



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