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Subject:  BCR 99 Pt 1 (review)

10:38 PM 11/16/2006

BCR Show 99 is out of the can! Just a few days after my birthday and what a gift!
Bush Bashing right out of the gate! YES! 

Keep reminding people that Bush constantly said 'A vote for the Dems is a vote for the terrists' 
and 'you're either with us or against us'. Apparently a LOT of people are indeed against him, 
but why should he care? Bush is a divider, not a uniter. 

Listening to you channel Eddie Murphy's 'Ice Cream' bit from way back made me look it up online

Please allow me to quote you...
"That's one of my favorite arguments. When they say 'You republicans are racist', they say
'Well, we freed the slaves'. What have you done the last 160 years, son of a bitch? 
If the first thing that pops into your head about what you've done for black people, 
you've got to go back to the Civil War. Yeah, I've got a feeling you haven't done 
anything for us lately. There's a Janet Jackson song in there somewhere.


Your teardown of Bush's day-after press conference is one of the best things I've ever heard you do. 

Bush :I also congratulated Congresswoman Pelosi and Congressman Hoyer. They ran a disciplined campaign.
Their candidates were well-organized and did a superb job of turning out their votes.
Bart: You don't mean that for one second. As soon as you get behind closed doors you are gonna start 
screaming about Pelosi, the fag lover and how she's gonna bring fag values to New York and all that 
fag business and did I mention that she's a fag from fag-land? Yeah That's the REAL Bush.


Bush: As the majority party in the House of Representatives, 
they recognize that in their new role they now have greater responsibilities.
Bart:....but Monkey. I think they understand their primary responsibility is oversight of you 
and your nazi, fascist crimes. Your worldwide raping and bungling and thievery and violence. 

Bush: The election has changed many things in Washington, but it has not changed my fundamental 
responsibility, and that is to protect the American people from attack. As the Commander-in-Chief, 
I take these responsibilities seriously.
Bart: Almost serious enough to cut short your vacation. Remember Katrina? Remember the great job 
you did protecting New Orleans when you stayed on vacation. You flew to Arizona  to play golf and 
play guitar. You just jacked off for several days while those people were in their attics unable to breathe, 
unable to drink or eat. And you just went and played golf and had a good time. raised some money 
and hang around. "Hey lookie me Pickles, cause I play geetar" FUCK YOU GEORGE! 
I get better service at a lemonade stand.

Bush: Our military has experienced an enormous amount of change and reform during the last five years 
while fighting the war on terror, one of the most consequential wars in our nation's history.
Bart:  You got time to go on vacation, Condi's got time to go buy shoes in New York while Katrina's
drowning New Orleans, Rumsfailed is over there shaking Saddam's hand, Cheney is out shooting 
his friend in the face. Everybody got something else to do besides their damn job. 

Things would be very different if I was in charge. I would make you eat it live on TV in front of everybody. 
I'd get you crying and once you were breaking down, sobbing like my little BITCH on your knees, then I would 
say 'OK George,now that we've seen the real you, come on and stand back up. I'll let you shine my shoes, 
I'll let you sweep my bathroom and I might let you clean my toilet, but that's all you are good for George.'

This was a VERY entertaining hour of Bartcop radio! 
I transcribed some of it so that more people might listen to it. 
Amazing with all of the other stuff going on recently, you really brought it on this show.

People, listen to 99. It's well worth it.

Tony in Louisiana

PS. Bart, I've been out of work for a while but those new long sleeve WPE shirts
look way too cool to pass up! I'll be ordering one soon.

Tony - thanks.
Tell me where to send your check :)

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