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Subject: Top Ten Hot Young Actresses

This is from which I'm not familiar with,
but they must be based in some other country to have a Top Ten like this
Or, maybe it's run by a gal or a gay guy, cause his Top Ten is crazy. 

10. Isild Le Besco: She's hot on the heels of Romola Garai at #10. 
9. Romola Garai: She played the lead in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
8. Evan Rachel Wood:  Somebody I've heard of, but she wouldn't make it in my Top Forty.
7. Anne Hathaway: Somebody I've heard of, but she wouldn't make it in my Top One Hundred.
6. Ellen Page:  I really like her as an actress, a lot, but not so much as a hottie. 
5. Carey Mulligan: She was allegedly in Public Enemies (with Johnny Depp), but I didn't notice her - at all.
4. tie - Keira Knightley and Emily Blunt: Finally, a big-name hottie, tied for #4 with who?
3. Natalie Portman:  A geek fave from Star Wars, but then, they think Seven-of-Nine was hot
2. Abbie Cornish: Like I said, this must be from overseas. No way she's in the Top 200.
1. Saoirse Ronan: I included the link to ward off the "You can't be serious" e-mails. 

 Who would think, in 2009, with the web at our fingertips, these women 
 would be considered the hottest ten young actresses in the world by anybody?

 Sure, every man has his favorites, but is this guy just plain gay?

 I should put together a Top Ten that we'd all  mostly agree with.

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