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Subject: Clinton evaluation

I am not taking a stand on the general quality of Bill Clinton's actions or
presidential legacy or your comments in support of Mdme Clinton.

Really? You're undecided a decade later?

However, concerning looking at a President's legacy, anyone who cannot
examine their favorites policies and see both the good and bad in
them (if both are present) then that person has let love outweigh reason.
I consider myself a strong supporter of both FDR and LBJ but I know
and accept examples where they goofed.

My problem is NOT with liberals who say, "Clinton was a good president who made mistakes."
My problem is the Lefties who scream, "Rapist, Mena Airport, Vince Foster."

There are millions of idiot Democrats like that.

I was one of the MoveOn voters who decided to support Obama over Clinton
after Edwards left the race.

In my case it was a very, very close call. I like Ms. Clinton and I always
will, she's an admirable lady. I'd be just fine with a female president
although the all-time most draconian executive I have ever run into in 28
years in the workplace was a woman. However, I felt that with 16 years of
practice the Right-Wing Media in this country was ready  and waiting to
hammer her.  I didn't feel that her prospects of winning were very high.
At that time, winning seemed essential. Imagine 2011 with McCain as

I remain amazed that Obama won, I did not feel that he, or we, won the
messaging wars (Drill Baby Drill - catchy,  simple with a danceable rythmn)
but people got beyond the for profit media's presentation and elected him
anyway. The added energy from his unusual roots may account for some of the

The other issue that decided the choice for me was healthcare. Ms. Clinton
was pushing for the individual mandate and Mr. Obama was advocating a
program closer to Medicare for all.  Unfortunately, I voted for the latter and
got the former. I am now among those unhappy with President Obama but
no matter what I'll not be supporting any GOP candidate unless they talk,
act and can prove they'll be a modern day reincarnation of FDR - not likely
given the Reagan cult in the GOP. However, if the GOP did provide a candidate
that I felt could solve our problems (CCC etc) and I'd vote for them.

What Rove and the right wingers seem to think is that disapproving of the
Democrats means we support the GOP -- NOT!!  Being angry with Democrats
for not being liberal enough and being angry at them for their right-wing
corporatist tendencies does not mean I will ever support the modern BSC GOP. 

It didn't in 2006 or 2008. I wonder if the 2010 election needed to be a spoilers
election to prevent widespread violence. BTW: I live in a nest of GOP vipers.

My youngest is writing for the Wall Street Journal on a fellowship this summer. 
We don't agree - he bought the GOP rhetoric and refuses to evaluate their behavior
by its results. It's aggravating but he's found a job. (so far). 

He wrote the WSJ  Op- Ed two weeks ago about Ethanol.

Did I miss the part where you were going to honestly evaluate Bill Clinton?

I would enjoy reading a hate-free critique.



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