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Subject: Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11

Bart, I'd like you to stop posting cartoons, etc., that claim Osama bin Laden had something 
to do with 9/11.  I understand that not everyone is at the same level of learning, but that doesn't
mean I'm where everyone else is.  I've been hammering at this subject daily for almost 7 years, 
which means I've done more work on 9/11 than it took me to get my graduate degree.  
I've easily spent as many hours researching it in the seven years since it happened.

From me to you:  OBL was not the man behind 9/11.  No hijackings occurred on 9/11.  
No planes were flown into the WTC.  No plane was flown into the Pentagon.  
No plane was crashed in Shanksville. A Tesla-based energy beam was used 
to destroy the WTC, not jet fuel and not conventional explosives. 

What kind of explosives do we know about that burn for 100 days after exploding 
(while the FDNY is working 24/7 to put it out and after many days of rain)?  NONE.  
We know officially of none.  

Jet fuel?
Nope.  Therefore the entire plane question is called into question based on easily 
obtainable high school textbook reference table knowledge.  Find out how hot jet fuel 
burns and compare it to what it takes to melt or seriously weaken steel.  And think of 
your barbeque grill, which uses the same stuff to cook food.  Your grill doesn't melt, does it?

The passenger lists from the so-called flights have been thoroughly examined and found 
to contain serious inconsistencies.  The videos depicting airplanes flying into the Pentagon 
and the WTC have been found to have been faked.

I know you're busy.  
I just want you to know the basics of what you need to know about 9/11 
to keep your site as excellent as it already is.

Dr Tracy 

Tracy, I disagree.
I don't know much about how fuel melts steel, but I saw those planes fly into the WTC.
It happened on live TV, (Seconf plane) so that means NBC. ABC. CBS, CNN and FOX
had to intentionally run those 'faked videos' at the same time to fool the public.

But even if you're right, you're going to need evidence that's better than our eyes.

You are right that we know for sure the Bush bastards lied about 9-11,
but we need proof we can put in our hand to get past the public's perception.

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