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Subject: Your trashing of Democrats

Dear Bart, I'm getting tired of your idea that Democrats are fuckin' weaklings and don't 
do anything about all the shitty things republicans have done the last eight years.

I'll bet I'm more tired of that than you are. What would you rather read?
"The Democrats are fighting back and doing a great job?"
I'd love to write that.

What the F do you want them to do specifcally and I say specifically because given the fact 
that political hacks have been placed in every key position in the federal government i.e., DOJ,
Judges, FBI, CIA on and on and until the whole f-kin' government has been purged of these scum 
congress can't do shit...that's why the assholes laugh at subpoenas.

At this point, I'd settle for verbal objections. When our surrender monkeys go on Meet the Whore
they talk nice about the sons-of-bitches and they promise them that they won't be held accountable.

But they'll impeach President Obama if he sneezes - why don't people understand that?

First they decided to impeach Clinton, then they went in search for "a crime."
Why would anyone think they'll give Obama any better treatment?

The bad guys are going to spend the rest of their lives in courtrooms.
 David L

I doubt the bad guys will ever spend a single day in court.
Like a lot of times, I hope I'm wrong.

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