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Subject: Trayvon Martin Murder - Related Cases - "Stand Your Ground" Laws

Bart, I realize you get a lot of emails like this, but perhaps you will find it useful.
I came across a Reuter’s article that compares the Trayvon Martin murder with other killings related
to  "stand your ground" laws, including one in Texas that literally makes your blood run cold.

Basically, a braindead hillbilly observed two men breaking into a neighbor’s and called 911.
(The audio recording is on the Reuter’s site; a link follows.) The hillbilly, who tells the police dispatcher
he has a shotgun and intends to use it, is told half a dozen times or more not to leave his home, that the
police are on their way. In a nutshell, when the two unarmed burglars emerge from the house, the hillbilly
announces "Hello, you’re dead," and kills both of them with shots to the back, all captured on the 9-1-1 tape.

(The parallels to Zimmerman, his cell call to 911, and his actions, are chilling.)
According to the Reuter’s article, a grand jury declined to indict him.
As a gun-loving Wyoming liberal, this entire thing makes me sick.

At first I was confident that once a grand jury was empaneled we could look forward to Zimmerman
being indicted, but now I’m beginning to have my doubts, especially in light of this particular Florida
"stand your ground" case (link follows below), in which a Florida judge ruled that a man who stabbed
a car radio thief to death - then failed to call the police and, in fact, sold two of the other stolen radios
the dead thief was carrying - could not be charged because of the "stand your ground" law.
I hope you find this of some use. Keep swinging, brother.
  RCB in Wyoming

I wish we could somehow force the Sanford PD to answer a question:

What ground what Zimmermen defending when he murdered Trayvon?

He was out driving around LOOKING FOR TROUBLE.

That's not "standing your ground," that's "looking for fucking coons" and he found one.


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