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Subject: Trayvon was the criminal      





Subject: Trayvon was the criminal

I know you only claim an IQ of 64, but seriously, you are losing it big time.

you said:
"I need to support the gun-toting vigilante racist who murdered the unarmed Black teenager?"

Please try to use your few remaining brain cells.
Vigilante means someone who acts without legal authority.  Zimmerman was acting legally

You may be right.
Hunting young Black men for sport is now legal in Florida.
All you have to do is say "I was scared" after you shoot him dead in the f-ing street.
What a horrible place to be Black in.

Zimmerman was getting his brains beat out by a violent criminal (assualt is a crime) and acted in self defense.

I can tell you believe every word Zippy said.
You can't hear Trayvon's side of it because he got murdered.

Without the organized media frenzy, egged on by our current pResident, there would have not been a trial.

You don't like Obama and you don't like the dead kid in Florida.
But let me guess - you have plenty of Black friends, right?
And you're not racist.

The whole "racist" thing was tacked on AFTER THE FACT. 

If Zippy hadn't been racist, there would have been no FACT.

Believe me, when you are getting beaten, you do not care what color your assailant is. 

But Zippy was armed and HUNTING Trayvon because he was Black, like all criminals.
You act like Trayvon was caught breaking into Zippy's house.
Trayvon was out for Skittles, Zippy was out to get "one of those assholes."

Let me reiterate, Martin was the attacker here.

You can't possibly know that.
You're absolutely certain about a guess you made about a Black kid - which is just what Zippy did.

He should have used his words, he would still be alive.

What words stop a bullet?

Every community needs more Zimmermans and fewer Travons.

Don't you wish they'd all get on a f-ing boat and go back to Africa?
The nerve of them - getting kidnapped so they could be our slaves.

Please remove your cranium from your nether regions, you are getting hysterical and boring.

Put another way, you disagree with me so that makes me a bad person.

I used to really enjoy your site, but you give Obama a complete pass on everything
you railed against under Bush. That's just simple partisanship. Sigh.

I trust Obama a lot more than I trusted Bush.
Obama didn't invade a country so his partners could steal their oil.
Funny that you'd trust a guy who would do that.

The cars are good though.
 Tim J

I knew you had a sliver of sanity in you.


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