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What I'm hearing at the Conrad Murray trial:

Did you have a hamburger for supper on June 25, 2009?

  Hard to say - Christ, that was over two years ago...

Did you have mustard and catsup on that burger?

  What the fuck does that have to do with Michael Jackson's murder?

Did you have salt and pepper on your burger?

  Probably, I can't remember 28 months ago.

Is it possible you had salt, but no pepper?

  Yes, but who gives a fuck?

Who was at your table when you ate?

  Probably Bobby and Raheem.

Bobby and Raheem?

  That's what I just said, deaf asshole...

<>I give you my Nancy Grace Guarantee that the jury isn't following this.
The world is spinning at 200 MPH so how can you ask these jurors to get
waaaaay inside
<>some bullshit minutiae like this and still stay awake?

The prosecutors are trying this case the way they were taught - in 1978!!!

The world has changed.
They need a new prosecutorial template or they're going to lose - over and over.



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