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Part Three of the Trip Report

The beauty kept coming.

We found Pfieffer State Park and they had a friendly beach.

These waves were pounding - it sounded like Mother Earth's heartbeat.

Some day, if I ever hit the jackpot, I'd like to stay in a fancy hotel near the beach.
It would be way cool to fall asleep hearing those waves pounding.

Sometimes it was just too beautiful to believe.

We could see blue water, next to it was dark blue water, then closer to shore it was kinda green
and when the water hit the rocks and shot up into the air it was clearer than Rush's hatred for Blacks.

Funny how the fog would roll in and out.

There was one point when it was very bright, but the fog was off shore about a mile.
How strange for an Okie to see a giant black dark thing hanging in the sky on the brightest day ever.

Sometimes Highway 1 would be at sea level and then sometimes it'd be a mile high.

Damn, does it get any better than that?
We drove almost the entire day having a great time for just the cost of gasoline.

Here comes the fog again.

 Looks like that cloud monster on classic Star Trek.  I always figured Star Trek made it 
a marihuana monster because they described it having "that sickly sweet aroma."

I'm no stranger to fog, but I'd never seen the fog race like it did.
It was flowing up and down the hills in ways I can't understand.

Sometimes it would run up the hills at maybe 30 MPH.
You drive a little more and come around a turn and there's the fog racing down a different hill.

In Oklahoma, the fog doesn't race - it moseys.

Here's another beach we found.

It was about 60 degrees, but that trapped water was warm so the kids loved it.

At one point we were suddenly surrounded by redwoods.

We consider the presence of redwoods to be a direct sign from God, reminding us 
that we need to pull over and relax (cough).  We did that - and it was good.

Heading back north, we saw this sign:

We've never seen a Beware the Pig Crossing sign before.

I know Carmel is full of rich Rethugs, but c'mon...

We even found some rocks we could climb on.

We were hoping to see some whales, but that didn't happen.
We did see some otters washing their food while swimming on their backs.

And we saw these guys...

Not sure of they are harbor seals or sea lions but they bellowed like Glenn Beck with a Black waiter.

Our second day was running out of time but we had a couple of hours of sunlight left
so we dropped by Pebble Beach Golf Club for rich, whites-only Republicans.

It's set on a big, fancy island-like piece of land overlooking the ocean.
It appeared to be prime, prime land.

                                   Picture of Dax and Rusty for no apparent reason at all.

I don't think this is actually Pebble Beach - they had a couple of golf courses there.

We considered getting a sandwich at the fancy restaurant - or maybe a drink - but we figured
that'd probably cost $30-50 and we had better ways to spend out spirits money :)

So we headed back to the half-star No-Tell Motel in Seaside.

  Click  Here for Part Four of the Carmel Trip

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