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Our trip to the Grand Canyon, 2011

Dave P wrote and said he liked the travelogue portion of BCR 170
and I wanted you to see the pictures so  Click  Here  to hear part of BCR 170
and I hope you enjoy the 22-minute radio snippet and the pictures.

This was our view from our table outside the Javelina Restaurante - you can see their sign on the right.
Sedona is one of the most beautiful places in America - and it's free to drive thru.

We each had a Tres Generaciones tequila margarita - they were extra-tasty.

Here is the waterfall that was right next to our table.

The wather was perfect, the visuals were perfect, the waterfall sounds were perfect and the food was better than perfect.
The only way that could've been any better is if we were high,   ...but that's illegal and it's important to obey all laws. (Cough!)

Check out this Mexican food - and their presentation?
And it tasted better than it looked - Yum!

The beefy goodness was the best I've had in maybe ten years.
If you ever get to Sedona or Lake Havasu, you gotta stop by Javelinas.

Here's two shots I took from up on Airport Road - the highest elevation in Sedona.

From here, we took the road north thru Oak Creek Canyon, a very scenic drive.
That brought us to Flagstaff and the Road to the Grand Canyon.

In Arizona, it's important to pay attention to your surroundings.

Plus, it f-ing gorgeous.

Then it was on to the Grand Canyon.

It looked quite a bit deeper than the last time we were here.

By the way - this is off-topic, but it was in the same batch of pictures.

What is this crazy-tall building that's going up in Oklahoma City?

It seems to already be 70-80 stories tall and it could go higher.
What the hell is it, some new Mega-Church?

...back to Arizona.

By now I was getting itchy about being too far from the airport so we headed back towards Phoenix.

While looking at Scottsdale homes (as heard on BCR 170) we saw this sign.

I guess that means "Slow" but they gotta be fancy in Scottsdale - Oooohhh!

So we had the best time and thanks to Southwest Airlines for the free flights.

They're not paying me to say this, but I think everyone should have a SW VISA,
unless there's a credit-card-temptation problem, then stay away.

We know they're trying to ensnare us in a mountain of debt, the sons of bitches,
but my IQ of 64 is too sharp for them.

What's more fun than the assholes who run Chase Bank sending us on free vacations?

Thanks, Chase - now we gotta think about where to go next.

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