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Trip Report

Before we start, I had a picture still in my camera.

This didn't really convey what was going on, so I'll tell you.
It was a bright, sunny day in Tulsa - and I mean bright.
So I was surprised to see it suddenly start pouring cats and dogs.
It's not supposed to rain when the sun is so bright it blinds you.
It rained so hard, I stepped in a Blair.

If the president's staff doesn't have to testify under oath, neither do I.
Much of what you're about to read is true.

This was an accidental trip.

It was the weekend we wanted to have the Pokerfest/Hempfest/Tequilafest
but I failed to make that happen. But Mrs Bart told her work she needed those
days off and we had to use the frequent flyer miles or lose them, so we proceeded.

Since we made the plane reservations at the last minute, we didn't get our usual
direct flights so we spent as lot of time sitting around waiting in airports.

We flew out of Tulsa at 2 PM instead of the usual 7AM - that helped.
We landed in Phoenix which was broiling at 111 degrees. The whole flight,
a Spanish speaking woman was Chatty Katerina with the Spanish speaking woman 
in front of her. Non-stop yak, yak, yak alllllll the way to Phoenix. I wanted to bark,
"What in the world do you two have to talk about that can't wait till Phoenix?"
but my good Catholic upbringing prevented that - darn them nuns!

Eventually we took off for San Jose and the damn sun was in my face the whole time.
We landed in San Jose and boarded the slowest bus in all history to get to our rent-a-car.
I got a lousy Nissan with only 8,000 miles on it, but it did a lot to shake my confidence in
cars made by the Japanese. 

So we started the drive up to San Francisco, the damn sun in my eyes the whole time.
How can the damn sun be in my eyes driving from San Jose to San Francisco?

When did the sun start setting in the Northwest?  Did Bush pass a law?

When we frequent flew to Key West, the same thing happened.
The sun set in the northwest - how does that happen?
Sidebar in a Sidebar: 
If you had a Southwest Airlines VISA, you'd get 2 free trips a year, too.

So we checked into the worst Motel 6 in America (If you ever get a chance 
to stay at the Motel 6 San Fran, skip it.) and drove into downtown San Francisco.

We looked for a parking spot, but they don't do parking in San Francisco.
It took forever to find a spot, and the toll was 25 cents for each ten minutes.
We soon found out nothing is cheap in San Francisco.

So we were walking around, the sidewalks are very crowded - with beggars.
I'm talking about 3-4 per block, stepping in your path to ask for spare change.
I'm a good Democrat, as you know, but how does one deal with near-constant begging?

We decided this wasn't working, so we got a slice from the Chinese Deli (Don't ask)
and headed back to the worst Motel 6 in California.  At least the TV worked.

 Click  Here  for Part Two - the part with some exciting pictures.

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