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How to Stay Married
 A.K.A. Sedalia Trip Report Apr 23, 2010 

I have some advice to dispense.
You young fellas, take it from a man who's been married for 33 years.

If you're wife says, "Would you drive seven hours to the Show Me Gourd Festival?"
it's always wrong to say, "WTF?  Are you crazy?  That's the worst idea I ever heard."

Always wrong.

If you want to stay married for thirty years or longer, you learn the proper reply:
"Why yes, Pookie! There's nothing I'd rather do than spend 
  14-hours of my weekend driving to some Gourd Festival."

So, off we went - to Sedalia, Missouri, famous for being the weekly destination for Rowdy Yates
(Clint Eastwood's first big acting gig) and his giant herd of cattle on the old TV series Rawhide.

Ramrod Rowdy Yates: Can I hit him, Mr Favor?
Trail Boss Gil Favor  Shut up, Rowdy.
Ramrod Rowdy Yates: Please, can I hit him, Mr Favor?
Trail Boss Gil Favor  Shut up, Rowdy.

So we filled up the wagon and had our cook Wishbone hitch up the horses.

No way I could drive 14 hours in a single day so we were spending the night - in nearby Kansas City! 
Home of dozens of park fountains, fine Bar B Q and a really angry tobacco spitter.

He looks like Mel Gibson after some Jew umpire called him out on strikes.
First thing was to establish a base from which to operate.  Hello Motel 6.
From there, we headed out for a late lunch at Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue.

Mmmmm, boy, BBQ in Kansas City is extra-tasty and different from the BBQ in Tulsa.
I had the sliced ham and the sliced brisket - Mmmmm, boy,

It was sliced thinner than I'm used to ...and it melted in my mouth.
In Tulsa, our BBQ is cut much thicker so you can go all True Blood on it. 

Mrs. Bart had the Burnt Beef Tips and the sliced smoked turkey.
Mmmmm, boy, we traded a slice each - I think I got the better deal, so did she.

And the service was so good I though maybe they were making a TV commercial.

From there we drove around looking for park fountains - swear to Koresh.

You young fellas remember - this is YOU in thirty years - driving around Kansas City, looking for fountains, keeping the wife happy.

We were told to check out Union Station, 

It was way cool - the architecture alone was worth stopping by.

It was built in 1914 and the place has recently been remodeled and it's beautiful. 
I guess all train stations built on that era look like Grand Central in New York?

Check out those ceilings - and they're not even Catholic.

It's a lot different from Union Station in St Louis.

In St Louis they have maybe 100 shops and the place is rocking with restaurants and clubs.
In KC, it was more like a museum - but it's a pretty, well-cared-for museum. 

Oh, this isn't KC, this is Abuello's Mexican Restaurant in Tulsa.
We ate there a while back and I took a picture if their tequila menu.

Herradura Seleccion Suprema for $29?  It's $50-75 per shot in Vegas, and people ask why we live here :)
Yet I did not buy a shot at that price.  Maybe when the economy comes back...

But the day was still young...

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