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Subject: Van Halen, Hillary and the Public Option

Bart, Edfromcolumbia here.  I just wanted to say that I have to agree with you on this one 100%.  
Well after reading your page since about issue 10 or so I agree almost always with you and that is scary.  
The statement that Van Halen never put out anything different is correct.  Zepp did and did it best.  
Though I never really was a big fan of In Through the Out Door.

I'm not saying that's their best work, but the diversity was astounding.
In the Evening - what I'd call dinosaur hard rock
Southbound Suarez - Flamenco/Salsa rock, pre-Del Castillo :)
Fool in the Rain - beyond description with new (1979) toys to play with
Hot Dog - the best country song ever written
Carouselambra - synth hard rock with more new toys 
All My Love - a sweet love song - did Eddie ever write one?
I'm Gonna Crawl - hard-as-diamonds blues

 Eddie wishes he had one tenth of Page's creativity (and manners).

Also,  I just wanted to say that like you during the race against the repugs I was never sucked in 
by the Obama charm.   I thought Hillary would have been better for the reasons you have stated before, 
she would have seen this as time to kick ass, take names.  We would not be mired in this "Letís be friends," crap. 

Why does Obama think the GOP will respect him?
He's too smart to not get that they are a lost cause - but he keeps trying.

One last thing.  I know Koresh about the way laws work and what is or is not appropriate but if I was President,
I would let them bring me the best or worst health care bill and then when I signed it, I would put a Presidential 
Signing Statement in that authorized a public option.  Something like Medicare for all or the same insurance 
as the feds have, but then Iím a spiteful bastard. 

Shhhh!!!  That's a great idea! 
It would be so much fun to hear the Rethugs howl, "You can't do that!" after Bush did it 100 times.
Maybe Obama's one step ahead of all of us - let's hope.

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