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Subject: The Truth about Bank of America


Last night I received my mortgage statment. For the second time in three months, 
Bank of America applied my payment after the end of the grace period, even though my 
bank statement shows the transaction was processed within the grace period. 
In this case, Bank of America delayed posting for 4 days, then charged me a late fee.

When I called to complain, they removed the late fee without any argument, 
blaming the "error" on a "glitch" which they would be sure and "report".

That's standard behavior for the American whore business model.

Twice in three months is no glitch. Bartcop's Law #2 applies - when someone makes a mistake 
that puts money into their pocket, they will keep making that mistake. Bank of America suffers 
no consequences for trying to rip off their customers. It costs them nothing to apply the late charge, 
or to remove it, but a certain percentage of their customers will simply pay it, thus PROFIT!

And unlike credit cards, mortgage company customers are captive. If I get sick of Bank of America's shenanigans, 
I can't just move my account. I can't pay off the balance with another mortgage. If I want to change, it will cost me 
thousands of dollars in refinance fees, not to mention that I doubt I'll obtain a lower rate than I'm now paying. 
And even if I did refinance, there's nothing to stop the new mortgage holder from selling it right back to Bank of America. 
That's how I ended up with a BoA loan in the first place. So I'm stuck with their BS and will probably have to call them 
six or eight times a year to get them to remove their fraudulent charges.

Why can't Congress pass a bill empowering mortgage holders with the ability to transfer a mortgage to another 
company without having to pay for a refinance? If the terms do not change, I should be able to do this. It would 
inject real competition into the mortgage industry and... oh, wait, that's why Congress won't pass a law empowering me, 
because it isn't the job of Congress to empower people. Their job is to pass laws allowing corporations like Bank 
of America to legally fleece and rob their customers. If I tried to steal $30 from Bank of America, I'd be arrested, 
but when they try to steal $30 from me, it's a computer error.


Jeff, changing banks won't help - they're all stealing from all of us.

When they get caught, they deny it.
When you show them proof, they say, "Golly, gee, you're right," then they don't fix it.
When you call them back, they might fix it, but it usually takes three calls.
All the people who missed it or forgot or only called once or twice get ripped off.

Bank of America did the same thing to me.
Years ago, I went to make a principle payment on my mortgage on New Year's Eve..
The teller told me "Yes, I'm still on today's business," but they waited until Jan 5 to post it.
The bastards tried to steal a YEAR's worth of mortgage interest from me thru trickery.
You';d think the biggest bank in America would be honest - but nooooooooo.

When I called them on it, they denied it.
When I showed them proof, they say, "Golly, gee, you're right," but they ddidn't fix it.
When I called them back, they promised to fix it, but I had to threaten to contact the 
Oklahoma State Banking Commission to get the bastards to return my stolen money..
Bank of America is a crooked company, but I really can't blame them.
They got into banking to steal large amounts of money.
If they were content to steal crumbs, they would've become bakers.

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