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The Truth about Marihuana
 by Slothrop

This is only my two cents, and it's pretty simple so I know it's been said before. 
Sometimes new words "stick" better. Or, if you want the Truth to stick, you have to 
keep repeating it and repeating it, to inoculate against the Liars. And oh yeah, if you 
haven't, then read "Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts.")

It's illegal because the Arch-capitalists at the very top don't like it, 
because it itself is anti-capitalist.

When you can make bona fide happiness, what behaviorists call Primary Reinforcers, 
on your own, for free, it takes energy out of the top-feeding system. Not very much energy 
in the case of pot, but to the greediest & most privileged among us it means they're not 
squeezing all the profit they can get from your time here on Earth.

You are supposed to slip a disk working to obtain just a little happiness, in other words 
to be OK about being generally ripped off.  To grow a Primary Reinforcer in an attic, 
basement or closet is OUT OF BOUNDS. (Surpising we are "allowed" to make 
our own wine & beer.

Maybe it's because alcohol gives a hangover?) If you're allowed to do that, you might 
start getting ideas about other modes of free fun. They would tax sex if they could. 
You damned-well WILL sell them your labor so that you can buy their goods. 
And ALL your goods must enrich your "betters" (i.e., anyone with more money than you). 

"No more free steps to Heaven."*

They attack pot, paying lip-service to the idea that they're trying to protect your "mind"  or your life.
Why is it ALWAYS about cannabis when there's SO MUCH else out there, including alcohol and nicotine? 
Not to mention crank & Hillbilly heroin -- orders of magnitude worse.

They enthusiastiaclly sell you all kinds of mind-numbing stuff.
Narcotization is what they WANT. If they really gave a damn, they'd tell you to put that 
X-Box down & pick up a book. Or stop watching American f-ing Idle (sic) & God forbid 
TALK TO EACH OTHER (not necessarily over a beer or a doobie!).

It's not as grim as it sounds, but: you are a MACHINE whose USE is to create genuine 
happiness for the REAL people near the top. "Not as grim" because the Earth's bounty is finite. 
"The Center cannot hold."

Now don't you go forgettin' your place, FIELD HAND.

* from David Bowie's,
album of a mere 30 years ago, "Scary Monsters."


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