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Subject:  TSA idiocy

Really?  You support the beefed up airport security and TSA passenger fondling? 
I do not agree. 

Didn't I specifically ask for a ban on extra-stupid questions?
No, I do not support "passenger fondling," I support landing safely.

I feel it is huge waste of traveler's money and time catering to the 'concerns' of the
TSA CEO's who make lots of money off this. 

So.. the press and our government way lying about the underwear bomber last Christmas in Detroit?
And the shoe bomber a few years ago?  Is terrorism a giant hoax?

The more they make people think they need to look down your pants, the more they get paid to do so. 
We should just act like nothing has happened, stop pretending every person getting on a plane next to you
is a murderer, stop inspecting every piece of halloween candy thinking some junkie is going to give up his
hit to spike a lollipop...  stop teaching you kids to avoid strangers even though 99.9999999% of them are
not bad, just in case they meet that one bad guy... 

This TSA crapolla is playing right into the tight assed paranoid persona that I really hope America refuses to become.

What I'm hearing is "There is no threat from terrorism."
I'm glad you're not in charge of America's airline safety.


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