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Subject:  TSA debates  

Bart, you’re wrong about the enhanced pat downs.

Excuse me, but it would be more accurate to say, "I disagree with your opinion."

Pat downs are a violation of our 4th Amendment rights.

Nobody is forcing you to get a pat-down. Why would you choose that?
Mrs. Bart and I prefer the scanner.

I am surprised you would condone this practice;

I want my plane to land safely and you disagree with me?
I assume you're very religious and are eager to meet God.

9/11 did not change everything we remain a nation committed to the rule of law.
 Tim, Governor of Ohio

Should we put that on your tombstone after your plane goes down?

And why did you fail to address the central question that was printed in giant letters?

For those who don't like the TSA's action, what's your solution?

Do you think saying "4th Amendment" and "nation of laws" will somehow keep
a passenger jet with a ten-foot hole in the fuselage from falling out of the sky?

If so, that makes you sound crazy.  (Note:  I didn't call you crazy.)

If you can't answer the big question in giant letters
how can you have strong feelings on this subject?

You're trying to win a Harvard-style Constitutional debate.
I'm trying to stay alive and 2/3 of America agrees with me.

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