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How to Convert a Democrat
by right-wing actress Janine Turner


Think movie scene: a restaurant anywhere in America. A group of five female friends are sitting
around talking — three are Democrats, two are Republicans. At a table with no salt shaker and a
Michelle Obama-approved menu, the Democrats’ conversation starts like this:

You can tell this idiot thinks she's a comedian.
Taking a shot at Michelle is great sport in the GOP.

Can you believe the Republicans are taking away our contraception?
This dialogue quickly deteriorates into a (1) misinformed, Obama-fueled (2) fiasco: the (3)wicked “one percent,”
the “fairness” of (4) free health care, (5) equal outcomes rather than equal opportunities, etc.

The Republican women look at each other with an unspoken, secret “OMG,” yet they do what
conservatives do best: remain conservative. As the Democrat women (6) ramble on about the
inequality and (7) wickedness of America — (8) taking no heed that anyone else at the table
could possibly disagree with them — the conservative women remain silent.

Maybe if you had a point of view that could hold water, you'd be taken seriously.
Is it your assertion that the GOP does NOT want to take away womens' contraception?
Have you read the GOP Platform, you crazy old bag?
They do not enter the fray because they know the risks. They know that the Democrats,
not able to defend their wiles with wisdom, will attack the Republican women’s character.
They know that Democrats cannot have a reasonable conversation, and a brouhaha will ensue.

Absolute horseshit.

Turner doesn't believe what she's writing, but she's getting paid,
possibly by the word, to throw red meat at the braindead cavemen.

She promises to educate us on "how to win against a liberal" but all she did
was hurl 8 insults in the first three paragraphs and fabricate arguments that don't exist.

Those poor, poor GOP women who aren't allowed to speak?
The truth is, they're not allowed to have an opinion in their own homes.
The ONLY time they're allowed to speak freely is when they're out with the girls.

Betty Ford was pro-choice.
Nancy Reagan is pro-choice.
Bob Dole's Bag-o-Hairspray is pro-choice.
Barbara Bush and both her daughters are pro-choice.
Pickles Bush is pro-choice, but are they allowed to say so?

No, because in the GOP, women know they must remain silent, so this bad actress
decides to blame liberals for their inability to achieve equality with their own damn husbands.

Remember, GOP men just voted for women to earn less than men for the same job.
Don't come crying to us with your problems, Honey - go find yourself a mirror.

You could've married a progressive man, but you chose a Trog, instead.

It's NOT OUR FAULT who you married, Janine.
If you marry a close-minded dick, don't come crying to us.

Why, arranged marriages have been obsolete in Texas for what, 25 years?


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