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TV Stuff

I think Flash Forward is the best of the new shows.
That premier was damn creepy and they're delivering every week since then.
Best part?  They repeat in on Fridays because that Thursday time slot is murder.

After four weeks of "Tonight's the night - we promise," whore NBC finally 
delivered on Hayden Panettiere's lesbian kiss on Heroes - but they screwed that up totally..
The other girl was not attractive - not even a little bit.
NBC - they can even screw up a lesbian kiss?

I like watching Law & Order SVU, but they've done fucked it up.
They've added Christine Lahti to the cast and she's unwatchable.
She's Nancy Grace and Dr. Laura rolled into one (not a compliment.)
All she does is harass the show's regulars and it's almost impossible to watch.
Way to go, NBC.
You only have 3 or 4 decent shows and you screw them up?

Same for The Mentalist.
It was last season's biggest breakout hit - so they fixed it.
They brought in Terry Kinney, who's a fine actor even if his eyes are waaaaay too close together.

But Kinney's job is to harass star Patrick Jane - which almost makes the show unwatchable.
Why do these Hollywood handjobs change a formula that works, one that made them millions?

Same for C.S.I..
They stupidly decided that America loves Laurence Fishburne more than the other characters.
Every show is about him - he's the star - and the team that made America's #1 show is secondary.

How can they be so stupid?

You'd think with Grissom gone, they'd do more stories about Catherine and Nick and the rest,
but nooooooooooooooo.  It's all about the new guy and you know what makes it worse?
I believe Fishburne is the highest or second-highest paid actor on TV.
Just like that - he walks in and takes seniority and his character is nothing but a lifeless zero.
So I predict a rapid fall in the rating for TV's once biggest drama.

There is some good news.
NCIS is now the Number One show on TV - until Idol comes back in January.
It's unheard of for a show in their seventh year to hit #1.
How did they do it?
They stuck with their winning formula and didn't add any hatefull characters.

Plus, how lucky are LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell?
They star in NCIS:LA which is this season's biggest breakout hit.
Shiiiit, me and Danny Detroit could've starred in that show and had a bit hit.
I'm not sure LL Cool J can act and I guarantee Chris O'Donnell can't. 

I wish I had more DVRs and VCRs so I could record Nina Dobrev an Vampire Diaries.

Lots of hotties hiding on those non-big networks.

Have you heard?
Jay Leno is bankrupting NBC - BIG time.
New York's NBC affiliate was Number One - now they're fifth, coming in behind a Latino station.
How long will NBC stick with their losing Leno-Conan formula?

Since nobody watches Leno, nobody watches the NBC 11 O'Clock news, so nobody watches Conan.
Since the TVs are on set on another channel when they get turned off, nobody watches Today or Regis.
This Leno-Conan disaster is killing NBC, which isn't Leno's fault. 
NBC fired winning-his-time-slot Leno so Dave could kick Conan's unfunny ass.

Things to look forward to:

White Collar is coming to USA Network on Oct 23.
The biggest name in the cast is hottie Tiffani Thiessen but she's not in any of the promos.

Why do these braindead TV people try so hard to kill their own shows?
She's more famous than any other cast member and she's certainly prettier than the men,
but USA Network can't find a reason to put her in the ads - I wonder why?

Things to look forward to:
Summer Glau, everybody's favorite Cyborg from the future, is coming to Dollhouse
She has a face to die for, so I assume she won't be in the ads, either.
Is Hollywood 100% gay?  Is that why pretty girls must remain hidden?

More good news:
Big Bang broke the rule - the nerd and the hottie are now sexing - and it didn't hurt anything.
Usually that kills a show, but they somehow avoided that trap.
Besides Cheers, what other show has been able to pull that off?

If Mulder was doing Scully, X-Files would've died the first year.

I like Courtney Cox so we've been watching Cougar Town.
It's a funny show with good/great writing, but it's incohesive.
A little tweaking there might go a long way.

An odd thing happened on Bones.
They spent the entire season premier trying to save the job of some faceless new guy
and they succeeded but he hasn't been seen since.
Why do a whole show on a guy - then save him - only to have him disappear?

Our Survivor experiment didn't work.
Mrs. Bart is my exact opposite - she's afraid somebody will criticize her opinions.
Me?  I live for that shit - bring it on, let's do battle.
But Survivor continues to be a good/great show.

On week 2 or 3, one guy got racial, calling a less-than-scholarly Black woman "ghetto trash."
A linebacker-sized African American got mega-pissed and was about to go medieval on his ass,
so the gang voted the racist out so the show could continue.  There are only two rules on Survivor
You can't share the money and you can't strike anyone - and this got pretty close to reality violence. 

Meanwhile, Russell the evil oil man continues to bully the Democrat-acting others.
How long before they catch onto him and kick his sorry Rethug ass?

On Leno - Matt Lauer and Jeff Dunham - no wonder nobody will watch.
On Conan - John C Riley and Dr Sanja Gupta - no wonder nobody will watch.
On Dave - Don Rickles - I'll watch that.

Let's get back to politics...

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