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Subject: sex slaves in Texas

 You are right and you are wrong.
As a religious person AND a progressive, I am disgusted, mortified by this Eldorado Fundamentalist 
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Compound in West Texas. Lots of people feel that way.

...remember Hillary won the primary out here!
I am a Texan. I am a West Texan. I am embarrassed by yet another fine example of craziness coming out 
of this part of the country. I can tell you that the idiots who are in power out here...based in Austin....are 
conservative far right Republicans. They are not even the usual normal fiscal conservative Republicans. 
They are far right religious right wackos.

Combine the crazies with the fiscal conservativism and you get this kind of crap.
They talk about religious family values and they don't want the "liberal gub'ment sticken its nose" in their business. 
They don't regulate or question homeschoolers. Yet they regulate to death public education in order to strangle it. 
They claim they have family values yet they slash funding for Child Protective Services and tie their hands so that 
CPS can hardly do their job.
They are rewriting state English/Literature curriculum using right wing religious organizations rather than educators 
with college degrees. They are about to rewrite science curriculum using preachers rather than scientists.
Sure....these men can get away with it in West Texas because a person can disappear out here. This is what 
happens when people simply can't be bothered. Thank God somebody finally paid attention.
But I can tell you, there are a LOT of us here in Texas who are fed up with this kind of perversion of religion. 
We are fed up with the idiot far right leaders ignoring their job while lining their pockets for their own benefit. 
I'm sure Gov. Rick Perry's relatives probably benefited from selling the building materials for that Eldorado 
Compound. That's how things have been done down here for too long.
I am ashamed that Texas has given this country George Bush, David Koresh, and Eldorado, Texas. 
I and Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks aren't the only ones.
 TH from Lubbock

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