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 Subject: Don't hate

 I am a relatively new reader...last 6-8 months...and Obama supporter from the beginning.
 I thought it was OK when you supported Hillary during the primaries...but can't believe 
 what a whiny sore loser traitor you have become since...

 Oh, so you're looking for a fight?

 You keep attacking Obama because he has changed some of his positions.
 Wouldn't you like to have a president that changes his positions with the changing circumstances involved? 

 What circumstances changed that made ripping up the Fourth Amendment a great idea?
 Do you even know what the Fourth Amendment protects?

 Or would you rather have someone that stubbornly and infuriatingly 'stays the couse' through thick and thin? 

 I'd rather have someone who keeps their promises on supporting the Constitution. 

 I think Obama is doing a remarkable job of doing what he has to do to get elected, and that is the point.
 Stop fucking talking shit about him and focus your energy on rallying the country around him so we can
 get out of these dreadful days of bullshit Republican leadership...

 Every time Obama votes to kill a part of the Constitution I"m going to call him on it.
 If you had any brains, you'd want me to do that.

 That's one thing I hate about Democrats, is that they are not afraid to attack their own, even in critical 
 elections times...the Republicans don't do that...they turn a blind eye and rally around their man....
 and it works...sour-puss bitch.....GET IT TOGETHER MAN. 

 ha ha
 Sour puss bitch - is that what the kids are saying now?

 I was about to recommend you to all my smart friends, but in light of your kiddie pool bullshit, am thinking twice...
  Tyler S

 Thinking twice is good, but don't you have to think first, first?

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