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Christmas 2008

So, the week from hell enters its second week.
I don't think we've ever been under this much pressure before.

We got a call ten days ago saying an 86 year old uncle needed our help
so we have been dealing with that and his enormous 100-miles away estate.

The only way I could tell this story will be on BCR because there are 
so many facets to this it'd take at least a week just to write it all down.
For instance, I've had the Glock out twice and I'm damn glad I had it.

Judges, cops, private detectives ($125 per hour) appraisers, roofers, 
real estate agents, social workers, scumbag defense, movers, trips to court, 
insurance problems, mold experts, exhaustion, stock brokers, driving 4 hours 
per day, below freezing temps, utilities, hospital visits, more insurance problems, 
Ensure, lawyers, meth heads, bond hearings, freezing rain, locksmiths, 
storage containers here, storage containers there, stolen cars, oxycodone, 
surveillance cameras, negotiating a higher limit on my VISA and I could 
really use an estate lawyer and an expert on antiques :)

For decades I've told stress to "blow me." 
I just don't do stress, but this challenge is heueueueuge.
Thanks Koresh we have each other to lean on.

The rare bit of good news is Rusty is so aggressive with Dax
that Dax doesn't have the time or energy to go terrorize Bart the cat.

My guess is we're half-way thru this so please be patient with me.
We should be back to a regular schedule when 2009 starts. 

Because of this "adoption" I'm way behind on everything
and my mind, seriously, is scattered worse than Sarah Palin's.

If I owe you something, please remind me.

BCR 148 will be easy - if I can ever catch my breath...

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