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Subject: Underlying Liars   (received yesterday)

Hi Bart,

In the debate tonight, someone should address the issues with the economy and jobs --

1. Jobs are the number 1 issue. Not bailing out banks or issuing credit. Fix the underlying problem -- jobs.   
Manufacturing - gone to china.  Information systems -- gone to india and Indian subcontractors ( i was replaced 
by H1b's.)  So many of my AMERICAN IT friends are sitting on the side, working partime as walmart greeters 
becuase they're replaced by H1B indians or their TATA counter parts ( check out tata, a corrupt indian company 
one of the largest coglomerates in the world ) 

The H!b is also corporate welfare and insiduous one at that. send them all home like they were SUPPOSED TO 
( its a short term visa ) but stay anyway.  of course there's no oversight and companies don't follow up when the 
visa expires.  They're illegals, too and even when people complain, they're ignored.   those couple million plus jobs
can go to americans.  When I m on assignment, its cleaning up the mess these unqualified / unskilled have left. 

Ever wonder why there's no more innovation in IT?  Guess. why was there money and jobs in the clinton years? 
JOBS and IT.  Fix jobs and you fix everything else. bandaid all these other problems no one has any money to 
get out and spend. Even if I got a house free and clear, if I don't have a job, I m going to be freaking cheap.

Meanwhile, all that money overseas fuels inflation and bleeds us dry since its not moving around in our economy 
and helping US.   China can send up some astronaut, but we're recycling the space shuttles TWENTY years 
beyond their lifecycles. WHY oh WHY?
2. I dont understand why someone hasn't caught on this yet.  McCain says BO will raise taxes.  
OF COURSE HE WILL!  SO will MCCAIN!  WHY?   to clean up the freaking mess that the 
republicans have created with their shit brained tax schemes, their unending war, their destruction 
of confidence at home and abroad. We're stuck becuase of the momentum.    

BAM!  why can't BO say that? he's a smart guy.   
You sure can bet that Bush and Cheney won't be sticking around the US for long.  

I bet that his place in Paraguay is a carbon copy  of crawford. And without the jobs and the 
MONEY IN THE US ECONOMY expect the taxes to be HIGHER.   

MCCain Question: how businesses hire more people if there's no one to buy the products? ( see # 1 above)
hope you can use this to nail some more points.

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