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Subject: Patsy Lee Harvey Oswald

Hey BC,
About that backyard Oswald photo, I personally believe that it's very existence 
is conclusive proof of a cover-up/conspiracy. Forget pasted-on heads and body 
angles and chin shadows -- just use logic: 
Why in the wide, wide world of sports would Oswald pose for such a photo? 
Even if he was planning to kill the president, why would he go into his backyard 
and have his wife take a picture of him holding a newspaper and the rifle he planned to use? 
Why would he do that?
The answer is, he wouldn't have -- no matter whether he wanted to claim credit 
for the murder, or especially if he wanted to get away with it.
Even if Oswald wanted to take credit for JFK's killing, what could the purpose of 
such a photo possibly be? To show his grandkids? To persuade the inevitable jury 
that he is guilty of a crime he is already freely confessing to?  There is no conceivable, 
logical explanation for it.
But Oswald did not want to take credit for Kennedy's murder. While in custody, 
he vehemently insisted that he was innocent, that he was being used as a patsy. 
When shown that backyard photo, he said it had been faked.
And he had to be telling the truth. Because there's no way he would have willingly
posed with a newspaper and the soon-to-be murder weapon (one he planned to 
leave behind him at the scene) if he hoped to avoid a slam-dunk murder conviction.  
So no matter how you look at it, there is no logical scenario under which Oswald 
would willingly pose for that photograph.
On the other hand, it is perfectly logical that nefarious conspirators would eagerly fake 
such a photo in order to make Oswald a patsy. It is even more than logical; it is highly likely.
Ironically, the very fact that that photo exists is sure proof that it is a fake. Had no photo 
of Oswald with the rifle ever turned up, that would be more convincing evidence that 
Oswald was the killer than the photo that did turn up is. The backyard photo exonerates
Oswald, it doesn't convict him.
The photo was faked. There's no logical way it wasn't. And if the photo was faked, 
there had to be a cover-up and a conspiracy.
You know, I wonder if one of those stars on the wall at CIA headquarters -- the ones 
representing anonymous agents who have died in the line of duty -- might be for Lee Harvey Oswald.
By the way, the people who like your page but don't subscribe to the radio show have 
no idea what they're missing. If they did, they'd happily fork over the paltry ten bucks 
a month that I happily do. Not only does subscribing give me a whole other aspect of 
BartCop, as well as great clips, music, rants, etc., it also makes me feel as if I'm fighting 
the fascists in some small way.
For both those reasons, I promise to keep subscribing as long as you'll promise to...
Unkillable Ray

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