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Subject: urgent message to save your soul


I've been a faithful reader for many years.  I was even at your Vegas Bartfest - not sure what year... 
it must have been good... but it was about 2001 or so...   My brother Andy (rexmundi) is a big fan
- he ran for Congress here in North Carolina back in 2004.

I'm writing to take you to task.  :)

The reason Bush was able to lie, cheat, and steal is because Republicans would not hold him 
accountable for his actions.  Republicans are blind in their allegiance to their elected leaders.

* If Charles Manson was the GOP nominee for President... they would call him a fine Christian, 
   and swear that God had placed him in power and they would do all they could to silence dissent.
* If George Bush ate a live baby on television in prime time... they would swear the baby was a 
   terrorist and deserved to die... that eating babies was the Christian thing to do... and that anyone 
   who would not eat a live baby was unpatriotic.
* etc, etc.

Now, I'm not saying that Obama will lie, cheat, and steal.  But I do believe that we have to hold him accountable.

When the Dems took Congress in 2006... a large part of it was that they were expected to end the occupation 
of Iraq.  They didn't... and you have done a good job of pointing that out.  Would you agree with someone who 
said you were harder on them than the right-wingers?  I don't think you would.  I think you would say (and I 
would agree) that they need to represent the wishes of the majority that elected them.

I think people are looking at Obama's picks, and wondering what the hell he's thinking.  
I agree that there's no need for name calling... but it's valid to question the picks, and wonder what will change.

We all know that Halliburton and all the Bush gang of thugs will be pushed away from the tit... but will the new 
administration undo the Patriot Act??  Will they undo the executive order giving the President the authority to 
declare himself dictator without congressional approval?  Will anything be done about the TRILLIONS stolen 
from the DOD, or from the taxpayers to pay for Credit Default Swaps??  Will anything be done about the 
INSANE policy of arming and funding Israel and fighting their enemies because GOD wants us to???

Look at these appointments and tell me honestly if you think foreign policy will stray 
from this disastrous course we are on.  I don't think it will.

I say we give Obama a chance and if he screws up we'll rhetorically beat him up.

I'm not a mindless cheerleader for Obama.
I'm still angry with him for signing off on the domestic spying bullshit
after he promised he'd fight to kill it, but I know politicians lie to get elected.

He's got the potential to be Clinton-great, or ever greater. 
It's real possible the worst president ever will be bookended by the two greatest presidents ever.

But I have a feeling that those whining the loudest (think David Sirota) are actually upset about Hillary.
Just like the rabid-dog House Managers 10 years ago, Sirota and mindless dorks like him would rather 
see Obama fail than see him achieve greatness with Hillary as Sec of State.

Their Hillary hate forces them to act against their own self-interests.
That makes them crazy and those people need to be quarantined so it doesn't spread.

Trust me, if Hillary was shut out of the picture entirely, handjobs like Sirota wouldn't care 
if Obama had George W Bush (or Charles Manson - same difference) as Sec of State

They want Hillary's head on a stick and the ignorant sons of bitches can't even say why.

"I don't like her hair."
"I don't like her pantsuits."
"I don't like her laugh."
"I don't like her walk.
"Mena Airport and Vince Foster."

Hillary's Iraq vote was with 76 other senators but to the closed-minded fools,
Bush never wanted to invade and "Hillary the Bitch" forced him to.

Maybe being quarantined isn't a strong enough measure...

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