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Subject: Usama or Osama?

Hi Bart,
I am sick of people attempting to terrorize me. That's why I wrote this piece.

 First Click Here  then come back.

Welcome to number one on the FBI's most wanted terrorists list. Really? Are you sure he is number one? 
I have to wonder if the FBI made him number one, or the media made him number one. Only one problem, 
someone has his name spelled incorrectly. I only say that because if we can't have consistency in the spelling 
of his name, then how the hell do you expect to capture him? Then, what the shit are you going to do with him 
when you catch him? 

I have a few suggestions. First of all, find out how this man, and this man alone ran a group of individual cells of 
rebels who pride themselves on their elusiveness and trust no one. Think about that for a minute. Do we REALLY 
know who Al Queda is? Nope. It is a name given to a group of trouble makers who hate us. Actually they hate everyone. 
They consist of religioulsy brainwashed children and young men who hide behind their "god". How easy is it, do you think, 
to control such a group? My guess is that he has very little, if any control over them. He may be the voice that spurs the 
violence, but that is all I am willing to give him. He is a piss ant.

I do not fear him, or his like. They are weak men of weak constitution and character. They are willing to die over a lie, 
and a fantasy. Why do we fear that? The problem with fear, is that it breeds hatred. Yes, their religion is bizarre, but I have 
bad news for you. So is yours. How do they differ from the vile hatred and atrocities commited at the hands of Christians 
throughout history? They don't. The difference is their appearance and the media attention given to them. They appear 
very ominous behind those dark eyes and facial hair. They wear strange clothes and head dressings, and their view of the 
world is one that we do not understand. Funny, that description matches many of our own "trouble makers" throughout time. 

The first is Jim Jones, known as the leader of the cult formed as "Jonestown". The second is Ted Kaczynski, otherwise known
as the unabomber. How about Charles Manson? You see, we too are capable of breeding sadistic killers who are set on 
destroying what they do not feel meets their standards. We call them serial killers. We call everyone who matches Usama's 
description a terrorist. Word play, people, that is all it is. Those individuals are no different from each other. Throughout history, 
there have been hundreds of Bin Ladens. Why do we fear him so much? You are fools. You fear him because he wants you to. 
He is the Muslim monster who hides in your closet and beneath your bed. Now, who is brainwashed? You are.

Now, back to that ridiculous "wanted poster". First, let's take a look at the description of this "notorious killer", who, by the way,
we actually had in custody years ago. We aren't sure exactly how tall he is, or what language he speaks. We don't know where 
he is but we know that he is left handed and has a limp. He has no known scars? Wow, and yet we know his approximate weight? 
Are they kidding? My favorite part though, has to be the reward. There is total of 27 million dollars on this man's head. 

Do you know how many virgins you can buy with that kind of cash? I bet his henchmen do. This whole concept of posting 
a direct line of access for the general public makes me chuckle. Can you just imagine the "reports" and "information" gathered 
by the poor guy that has to sort through this crap? I can see it now...

"YAH! I'd 'preciate it if y'all could send some of them men in black down here, cuz I'm purdy sure the guy next door is a terrorist.
I wuz out skinnin my deer on Sunday, and I sawr him fixin' on blowin' up my shed! He got him one of them thar towels on his head, 
and wuz lookin kinda shifty in the eyes. Y'all still got that billion dollar reward for infirmation leadin to his arrest? Will that mess up
my disablity payments? Do I have to pay taxes on at?"

Good lawd, people, use some common sense here. 
Do you really think that there is any purpose to this list other than fear mongering?

Go to the site. Look at it. They title it in bright red lettering....TERRORISTS. They have a separate list for them, AS IF any of you 
can even pronounce their names, let alone identify them in public. Yeah, they are notorious all over the world. There are thousands 
of trained operatives looking for them, and YOU think that this is somehow HELPFUL in their capture? 

We are such a mis-guided flock of bleating sheep.

Is Usama dead or alive? I don't know. I do know this, if the man is alive, there is a reason. You should really put some thought
into what those reasons are. I am pretty sure it is not because he found a good cave to hide in. So, who should you REALLY fear, 
and be keeping an eye on? I would say, the ones who made that poster.
  Roberta H

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